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Onesies for the Little!

It’s probably no surprise by now that I love the Matilda legging pattern from Spit Up & Stilettos. Actually I love all of their patterns, I just have yet to try any of the others :)! And all of their women’s patterns are free! But they also have some awesome kid patterns — soooo now that I have a little nephew to sew for — I decided to try out the Dylan Onesie for this month’s TMS challenge! **UPDATE: the kid patterns from Spit Up & Stilettos are now available under the label Sadie + Sam; their women’s patterns can be found here** I wasn’t quite ready to take on Menswear… but for this little guy… that I can do!   (we had a little 6-month photo session last weekend… isn’t he the cutest!?!) :) So anyway, I made two. For the first, I used this leftover two sided cotton jersey… so now he can match his momma (and his aunt!) lol For the second one I used some of my Spoonflower puppy fabric (also …

Christmas Crafting 2014

Okay, so I didn’t go as all out as I did last year (see part 1 and part 2), but I also ran behind and didn’t get to finish one of the things I was working on. I made it to Christmas Eve thinking I could still finish and finally made the decision to put it off and enjoy my time so I let my sis know part of her gift would have to come later. Crafting should never be stressful :) So here are the ones I did finish in time: #1. Foldover Clutch For my BFF! Made using this tutorial from Skirt As Top that I’ve been wanting to try, and I also followed the leather recommendations from you & mie with my faux leather. My outer fabrics were from Joann’s from a splurge I had before leaving Cheyenne :/ and the lining was from my stash.   I used these gift tags this year… love them! #2. Double-Sided Infinity Scarf This I made as part of my gift for the Great Christmas Gift Exchange, put on by …

Baby Gifts for Sis

Talk about crazy days! Oh my goodness; work is insane. Only 4 weeks left! I’m definitely counting down! :) I got a little teaser trip home last weekend for my sis’s baby shower. Her gifts were so much fun to make… Wee Wee Wigwams! haha… made from this tutorial with leftover fabric from the little hat I made a while back for my little cousin. Animal applique minky blanket. Made using this tutorial. For the animals, I found silhouette images from Google, printed, and traced them onto the orange fabric, then sewed them on. Lastly, a baby basket made from the Noodlehead Divided Basket Pattern. I love this pattern! Her instructions are awesome and detailed and I’ll definitely be making this again. This was another shower curtain project :) Also used this fabric for this clutch and this bag. The blue is some grandma fabric I also used for my mom’s grocery bag.   As always, here’s my adorable little helper: :) Until next time,

Colors Quiet Book: Putting it All Together

There are definitely a number of tutorials out there on how to put together a quiet book, but I didn’t particularly love any of them. So here was my attempt at creating my own way. Disclaimer: I didn’t pay attention and ordered the pages completely wrong! :/ My original goal was to put them in the order of the rainbow… you know; figured that made the most sense. But then I didn’t plan it out. I blame it on being a beginner… or maybe I was just lacking that attention to detail they always talk about in the military :/ But either way, I wasn’t about to take it all apart once I realized what I did. lol… so you will notice there is absolutely no logical order to the colors in the finished book. Anywhoo… we’ll just ignore that little detail and show how I put it all together: Step 1: Cut long rectangular strips of fleece and sew your pages to them. With right sides together, sew coordinating pages together, flip inside out …

Colors Quiet Book: The Rest!

Ok, so maybe I’m not cut out for scheduled blog posts. Here are the rest of the pages… now I just need to finish putting it together and get it mailed out before I leave for training and I’ll be good to go :) Page 4: GREEN My options: The end result: The making of: Page 5: BLUE My options: The end result: The making of: Page 6: PURPLE My options: The end result: The making of: Page 7: PINK My options: The end result: The making of: Page 8: BROWN My options: The end result: The making of: Page 9: BLACK My options: The end result: The making of: Page 10: WHITE My options: The end result: The making of: See the rest of the book.