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Pharmacy Week and Depakote Cupcakes

Happy Pharmacy Week! Ok, so technically it’s Hospital and Health-System Pharmacy Week… but it’s close enough! And make sure to thank and/or hug a pharmacy technician tomorrow because it’s Pharmacy Technician Appreciation Day! I feel lucky to say I have amazing techs! Definitely couldn’t do it without them.

I ordered a cake and cupcakes from Honeycakes for tomorrow… super excited about how they came out! Plus, I’ve been smelling them all evening (that’s not weird, right?) and they smell like a heavenly night of sleep feels (aka aaaamazing). The cake is chocolate hazelnut and the cupcakes are vanilla chai. Danny smelled the cupcakes and thought they smelled terrible, like “Depakote” he says… I think he’s insane, as per usual. I can’t wait to eat my Depakote cupcakes.

BTW the Honeycakes ladies are big supporters of BDAR + they make delicious things = they are basically winning in my book!


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