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So we said we weren’t going to foster anymore – mostly because we rent and the pet portion of our lease says 2 is the limit – but also because the two pups are a handful as it is. And they aren’t very social… we really need to work on their socialization skills. But after looking at Cloudee’s little pup face it was hard to do anything except say, “we’ll take him!” So we did. And it was wonderful. Finn and Zoe weren’t sure what to do with him at first. Finn would just run away scared and Zoe just kept sniffing him like she couldn’t figure out what he was. They finally warmed up to him the day before I dropped him off with his forever family – it was adorable. Zoe was really sweet and gentle when she started to play with him, and whenever Finn would start to play too rough, Zoe would intervene. Too cute. I think they really liked their little friend.

Cloudee was only with us for about 6 days, but it was fun while it lasted. He’d basically cornered the market on cuteness, and was such a little snuggle bug. The family that got him seemed super excited, so it was all worth it, but I think I’d forgotten how hard it is to let them go. Even after only a few days. Love him tho… and wishing him an amazingly long and happy pup life.


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