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Flowery Infinity Scarf

I really liked the flower pattern on one of the pieces of fabric I got to make my alphabet magnets a few months ago, but wasn’t sure what I could do with it until I ran across a nice lightweight blue fabric on the red tag sale at Joann’s the other day. I decided it would make a great scarf. The colors coordinated perfectly… so I used this and this as inspiration to create my own infinity scarf (sewing project #10). A simple project… plus it only cost me $2.55 and less than an hour of my time. I used exactly 1/2 yard of the blue fabric and a small rectangle of the flowery fabric – in the photos it is doubled-up; it’s one big circle otherwise.


I had to crop that second picture down a lot… that is what I call a crazy messy room. It’s the aftermath of lots of laundry, no time to fold, and a puppy running around terrorizing the house. Today, needless to say, is cleaning day. Plus it’s a Friday and I am not at work. It’s amazing. I took the day off for absolutely no reason (well, it’s sort of a mental health day… sometimes you just have to get away for a bit). :)

Coming soon… Seven Dwarf costumes! They are ALMOST done… good thing considering next week is Halloween already. I still can’t figure out where the time goes.


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