Month: January 2012


Quote of the day: “Luck is only for three-legged rabbits” The postman today asked me to wish him well… so I said good luck and that was his reply :) I’m not sure if I believe in luck or not… and I definitely believe in the saying “luck favors the prepared mind”… but I like to think that there’s some kind of supernatural power out there working on our side every now and again. Either way… if you happen to come across a three-legged rabbit… hold onto it :) Maybe it will bring good things.


I always joke with my parents that hiking is really just taking a walk in the wilderness. Well, what can I say about snowshoeing… it’s really nothing more than taking a walk in the wilderness on top of snow with really big floppy feet! :) Well, just like hiking, it was a lot of fun. Yesterday was my first time, but probably not my last. I only almost fell down one time (it’s really easy to step on your own feet until you get used to it)… and I’d say the most difficult part was going downhill on steep hills (it’s a mixture of stepping and sliding). Thank you Outdoor Rec for organizing! BTW, Rocky Mountain National Park is crazy beautiful!