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Last Year’s Makes

There’s been a lot going on over the last few months, but I’m excited to finally do a little catch-up and share a few makes from the end of the year on here. Most of my DIY time last year was spent on wedding makes, but I did actually make a few unrelated things in the second half of the year. I shared them here and there on IG, but here’s a round up!

First up: Ella Top by Liola PatternsJulia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations, and Pixie Wallet from Home Row Fiber Co. — I shared these three over on The Monthly Stitch for Indie Pattern Month if you’d like to read more about them. The cardigan has become one of my favorite makes to date. It’s a super lightweight fabric but it was perfect for this double-layer design. I have to admit, I threw it in the wash after the first time wearing it and somehow immediately misplaced it for about 6 months (ha!… it’s not just socks that the laundry elves steal!). But I found it again a month or so ago and I foresee it coming in handy a lot this summer as part of my preggers wardrobe!


IMG_20170727_133658209 IMG_20170730_143403930

 IMG_20170730_181955494 IMG_20170730_182203554_HDR

 IMG_20170730_181601899_HDR IMG_20170730_181706936_HDR

Next up was a make for my friends’ little girl who was having her 2nd birthday back in August. I used the Racerback Dress pattern from Hey June, an awesome little FREE pattern that came together quickly. In the interest of time, I used a zig-zag stitch to finish off my bindings and to hem the bottom instead of my twin needle. Normally I prefer the look of the twin needle, but I actually really like how it turned out. I think I almost like the zig-zag better for kid clothes.



The fabric was from my stash, originally from a Girl Charlee KnitFix way back when that was a thing :) I made a pair of leggings from this fabric back when I first got it. It turned out not to have the greatest recovery for leggings, although I still wear them, but it was perfect for this little dress.

IMG_20170916_1230507682 IMG_20170916_1231252422

In September, I was able to knock out one of my 2017MakeNine patterns which I’d been meaning to make foreeever – the Lane Raglan by Hey June. I cut fabric for four total, 2 for myself and 2 for the bff, but only ended up finishing hers. The other two are waiting patiently in my UFO pile, which seems to be growing faster than the FO pile. :/

Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog

I used the curved hem option on both, one with elbow length sleeves, the other 3/4 length. The grey one is made from the same Telio Topaz Hatchi Knit from that I used on my Toaster Sweater earlier in the year (I love this knit so much! I really need to try some of the other colors!). The stripe is the Rayon Lycra Jersey from IndieSew from a while back (also used here), and the floral is a cotton blend knit from Finch Fabrics.

Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog

Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog

Hey June Lane Raglan | Life by Ky Blog

In November, I made my first Seamwork pattern! I’ve been a subscriber since nearly the beginning (way back when the Mesa and Aurora came out…), but for whatever reason I just hadn’t tried out any of their patterns yet. This was the Piedra dress, made from this double brushed poly from Cali Fabrics. The fabric is so soft! And I loved the pattern for it’s center back seam. It added just the right amount of shaping in the back and would be easy to adjust even more if needed.

IMGSeamwork Piedra Dress | Life by Ky Blog

Seamwork Piedra Dress | Life by Ky Blog

In December, I made a few Christmas gifts… I was still feeling the raglan love so for all the cousin kiddos in the family I made the Nap-Time Creations FREE raglan pattern. The pattern comes in sizes for 18M-10yrs so I’m sure I’ll make it again at some point. I have to admit, I procrastinated my sewing (as per usual) and didn’t end up having time to sew on the neckbands for these. I was actually really upset about it at the time, but I ended up just folding over and stitching the seam down and they turned out okay. They’re cute, but I’ll only give them an ‘okay’ for the lack of finishing :/ Fail. There’s always next time, though! :D

Second fail was only getting this one poorly-lit, messy sewing room picture of these… but at least the fabric was a win! The floral and shark fin prints are both from Raspberry Creek Fabrics that I’d been hoarding for a while. I LOVE the quality of their knits… I already replenished my supply after finding out about our little one. ;) And the grey is from a Sincerely Rylee clearance box which was the exact length I needed for all of these pieces. Worked out perfectly.

Nap-Time Creations Kids Raglan | Life by Ky Blog

Last up for sewing was a few potholders. Two for a co-worker for our Secret Santa, and two for one of my Aunts. All of the fabrics were random ones from the stash, and I got some Insul-Bright Lining for the middle. I used this tutorial from Radiant Home Design.

Radiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky Blog Radiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky BlogRadiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky Blog

Radiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky Blog Radiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky BlogRadiant Home Studio Potholders | Life by Ky Blog

Last but not least was a random DIY to add to a few Christmas gifts… some Lavender & Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub, inspired by this one on Primally Inspired. I used small mason jars that I got a while back for another “salt scrub” project I had planned but never followed-through on :/ , pink Himalayan salt (which I am obsessed with, because it’s pink, naturally!), baking soda, lavender essential oil that I had leftover from the wedding candles, and coconut oil. The stickers I just made in Word, as usual. If you make any, feel free to use them (click on the picture below to download the pdf file – for personal use only, of course). I just printed them on the same sticker paper that I used for our wedding candles and wedding party gift boxes.

Lavender Foot Scrub Labels | Life by Ky Blog

Lavender & Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub | Life by Ky Blog

Lavender & Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub | Life by Ky Blog

OKAY… I have to share this quick little story… I was finishing these up on one of my Fridays off when I watch my nephews, so naturally, as the curious little child that he is, my older nephew was very interested in what I was doing and asked me what they were. I told him it was foot scrub and he immediately put his foot up on the table and said he needed some because his feet were hurting.


Lavender & Pink Himalayan Salt Foot Scrub | Life by Ky Blog

I love this kid so much. lol So of course we put a little on his foot and I had him rub it around. He told me that it smelled wonderful, and we moved on with our day. :)

And yes, that picture is exactly what our house looked like for Christmas. The year before, I had replaced the middle string of lights on our tree, but this past year the top and bottom strings went out, so we had a tree up with only the middle section lit up, no ornaments, and no tree skirt. This is real life, people. ha. I meant to get a new tree in all of the after-Christmas sale madness, but completely forgot… so I’m not sure what we’ll have for this year.

Until next time,



  1. You were so productive! I love the red dress- the fabric is really fantastic, and it fits you so well. The kids shirts are cute too. How did your potholders turn out? I used the same lining for some potholders last year, and I think I need to double the thickness next time I make them- one layer hasn’t been enough to protect my hands (so I end up folding them in half to use them).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! Since the potholders were gifts I’m not sure how they actually worked… I’ll have to ask :) But they felt like they could have been a little thicker. I wasn’t so sure about the crinkling of that lining; I might try a different one next time, but they seemed okay.


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