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Last Year’s Makes

There’s been a lot going on over the last few months, but I’m excited to finally do a little catch-up and share a few makes from the end of the year on here. Most of my DIY time last year was spent on wedding makes, but I did actually make a few unrelated things in the second half of the year. I shared them here and there on IG, but here’s a round up! First up: Ella Top by Liola Patterns, Julia Cardigan from Mouse House Creations, and Pixie Wallet from Home Row Fiber Co. — I shared these three over on The Monthly Stitch for Indie Pattern Month if you’d like to read more about them. The cardigan has become one of my favorite makes to date. It’s a super lightweight fabric but it was perfect for this double-layer design. I have to admit, I threw it in the wash after the first time wearing it and somehow immediately misplaced it for about 6 months (ha!… it’s not just socks that the laundry elves steal!). But I found it again a month or …

Christmas Tree!!!

I love everything about Christmas trees!! They can be fake or real, doesn’t really matter to me :) Ours comes out of a box. This will be it’s 4th year and I still love it! Last year, one of the strings of lights went out so yesterday I finally got around to re-stringing it. Turns out I was too lazy to fix the lights… I’ll hang onto those ones; maybe later. ;) As far as decorating goes, it’s almost the same as last year – nothing extravagant, and no theme. I love using the same ornaments and slowly building up over the years. This year, there are quite a few more because I retrieved a box of them that has been stored at my parents house. But we haven’t found our 2014 ornament yet. Soon! I wish we had a fireplace to hang up the stockings… one day :) Until then, this works just fine! Until next time, Find more Christmas tree reveals at the linkup on Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog!