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Christmas Tree!!!

I love everything about Christmas trees!! They can be fake or real, doesn’t really matter to me :) Ours comes out of a box. This will be it’s 4th year and I still love it! Last year, one of the strings of lights went out so yesterday I finally got around to re-stringing it. Turns out I was too lazy to fix the lights… I’ll hang onto those ones; maybe later. ;) As far as decorating goes, it’s almost the same as last year – nothing extravagant, and no theme. I love using the same ornaments and slowly building up over the years. This year, there are quite a few more because I retrieved a box of them that has been stored at my parents house. But we haven’t found our 2014 ornament yet. Soon!

I wish we had a fireplace to hang up the stockings… one day :) Until then, this works just fine!


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  1. Lovely :) I did the decorations on the weekend by myself as my family were away. I think with the man-made trees you get what you pay for, 22 years ago I paid AUD$100 for a 6′ tree and it is still going strong, mine is all gold this year, just for a bit of a change. Every year I buy one new ornament, this year was a wooden tabletop tree with bells, kitsch but cute!

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  2. I love your stocking hanger! I need one of those for our house! We don’t have a fireplace either so I’ve been having trouble finding places to hang them. Your tree is gorgeous too!


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