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Winter Handmade Gift Exchange & Sunday Sew Love: 7 December


For today’s Blogmas14 post (topic: DIY Christmas Present), here is my DIY contribution to the Winter Handmade Gift Exchange from Craftaholics Anonymous. The package totally looked like that (above… so pretty, right!?) on my way to the post office. You would think having just moved I would’ve had a million and a half boxes sitting around to use for mailing, but we did a fantastic job of piling all of our boxes into the trailer and having my dad haul them off! So anywhoo… I got to the post office with no box – it ALMOST fit in the small size priority box… I mean it was so close! Ugh. So I resorted to tossing the bow to make it fit… and it still didn’t fit! At that point I frustratingly stuffed the sad little bow-less box into a big envelope. Thinking back, the bow probably would have fit in the envelope. Hmm… next time :) Either way, that’s what it was supposed to look like :)


Find more DIY Christmas Presents at the linkup at Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog!

So here were my takeaways about my gift exchange partner: she loves to read and loves tea. So here’s what I came up with: a fabric book cover and matching coasters.



IMGP3207 IMGP3202

The coasters were made the same way as the set I made for the Summer Gift Exchange, I just did triangles instead (from this tutorial). For the book cover, I used this tutorial. I liked that it had such a clean finish. Who knew of all the things I’ve made, a book cover would be the one to stump me the most. LOL… oh my goodness… want to see my first try!?


Yep, there it is in all it’s glory. That’s what I call a jumbled mess! haha I had planned to use the faux leather and some leftover herringbone fabric from my blazer. It would’ve been super adorable… until I got confused, and my machine didn’t like the thick fabric (I had a layer of fleece in the middle)… and I sewed everything wrong. And took it apart and sewed it wrong again. And then a third time. That’s when I gave up and went to bed and started over with new fabric in the morning.

The only problem with the book cover as a gift is it’s so specific to the size of the book. It would be an extra cute gift if you were giving someone a book and made a book cover to fit the book. I’m just hoping she’ll be able to use it, but I figure if you read enough, you’re bound to have a book or two or three that it should fit, right?

I have plenty more DIYs to share, but they’ll have to wait till after Christmas ;) Here’s a peek at one I’ve been working on… it’s going to turn into something, I swear!


Also, guess what!? It’s Sunday!! (As I am currently not working, I have a difficult time remembering what day it is… blogging helps with that) lol.


(left) Diary of a Chain Stitcher Purple Marabella Dress | (center/top) the little tailoress New Pattern Label: Introducing The Emmeline Tee

(center/bottom) One Year. One Wardrobe. Christmas Party Flora Dress | (right) Jennifer Lauren Anemery Dress

I’m so excited that Ami aka the little tailoress has started making patterns. She always makes such nice, classic pieces. This first top is so simple and adorable. Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with! Find more inspirational sewing here.

 Until next time,



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