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Winter Handmade Gift Exchange & Sunday Sew Love: 7 December

For today’s Blogmas14 post (topic: DIY Christmas Present), here is my DIY contribution to the Winter Handmade Gift Exchange from Craftaholics Anonymous. The package totally looked like that (above… so pretty, right!?) on my way to the post office. You would think having just moved I would’ve had a million and a half boxes sitting around to use for mailing, but we did a fantastic job of piling all of our boxes into the trailer and having my dad haul them off! So anywhoo… I got to the post office with no box – it ALMOST fit in the small size priority box… I mean it was so close! Ugh. So I resorted to tossing the bow to make it fit… and it still didn’t fit! At that point I frustratingly stuffed the sad little bow-less box into a big envelope. Thinking back, the bow probably would have fit in the envelope. Hmm… next time :) Either way, that’s what it was supposed to look like :)   Find more DIY Christmas Presents at the …

Handmade Gift Exchange, Part 2

Can I just begin by saying how adorable this packaging is… haha “Dill with it!” :)   Julie, my handmade gift exchange partner, sent me some awesome stuff! Here’s what the note said: “Enclosed are a flower that will never die and a jar of stars. When you need a pick-me-up, shake the jar and pick a star. Pinch it flat and find the arrow. Pull out the flap and unravel the star for a special message. Enjoy!”   This flower will be making its home on my desk. And of course I was too curious – I had to open at least one of the stars – and luckily figured out how to fold it back up after :) This is such an adorable and thoughtful gift. Thank you, Julie!

Handmade Gift Exchange

Sometimes I complain to myself because I can’t think of something to make for someone I know. Well, that mentality was turned upside down when I started brainstorming what to make for a complete stranger! Seriously. Never realized how easy I had it. :) I entered the Summer Handmade Gift Exchange put on by Craftaholics Anonymous. The only clues I had about my gift exchange partner were that she likes coffee and the color orange. Here’s what I came up with: Bow Clutch, with orange accents of course (made from this tutorial that I’ve been gawking at on my “Things To Sew” Pinterest board for some time). The outer fabric is actually from a thrifted shower curtain that happens to be the same shower curtain I have hanging in my bathroom. Can you tell I like the pattern!? :) You can’t really tell from the pictures, but the lighter color has a bit of shimmer to it. Also used it for the ABC bag I made last year. The inner fabric is a cotton I had from my grandma …