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Handmade Gift Exchange, Part 2

Can I just begin by saying how adorable this packaging is… haha “Dill with it!” :)

IMGP1373 IMGP1374

Julie, my handmade gift exchange partner, sent me some awesome stuff! Here’s what the note said:

“Enclosed are a flower that will never die and a jar of stars. When you need a pick-me-up, shake the jar and pick a star. Pinch it flat and find the arrow. Pull out the flap and unravel the star for a special message. Enjoy!”


IMGP1378 IMGP1377

This flower will be making its home on my desk. And of course I was too curious – I had to open at least one of the stars – and luckily figured out how to fold it back up after :) This is such an adorable and thoughtful gift. Thank you, Julie!


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