Month: August 2014

Sunday Sew Love: 31 August

(top) MP by Maude Carme not so Carme Blouse | (right) House of Pinheiro That’s going to be a flasher… (bottom/left) create / enjoy It’s darling! It’s… a romper! | (bottom/center) Clipped Curves Out dam spot I actually picked up this romper pattern (bottom left) a little while back and have been wanting to try it. And/or make the dress version… but pretty sure I need a romper. Who doesn’t… right!? :) Also, Rachel of House of Pinheiro wasn’t sure about her polka dot dress, but I think it’s awesome. So it’s a bit of a flash risk… gotta live on the edge sometimes, right?! :) But I’m 100% sure I would have the same problem here in Wyoming… the wind never quits! Until next time,

No Motrin No Mission

Meet my pharmacy staff! We recently had t-shirts printed for the pharmacy. Here’s part of what we included on the back, along with the phrase “No Motrin No Mission” :)     I’m sure you can guess which one is me. Oh my goodness, though, they all crack me up.  Tomorrow I have a pre-move home inspection. Basically, they are coming to the house to see what sort of packing materials they’re going to need to bring and what large items they’ll need to pack, etc, etc. It’s all getting very real. We’ll be moving in a couple of months. I’m so excited and yet a little nervous. Getting a license in CA is a nightmare; they finally got back to me after 3 months of waiting to tell me I’m missing something the application specifically says I do not need. And they are impossible to get a hold of. Oh, the fun. Once that part is over, though, I think it will be smooth sailing. I’m going to miss my coworkers here (I mean look …

Sunday Sew Love: 24 August

So I collect the urls for this post throughout the week, as things catch my eye. It’s always interesting to see how it turns out each Sunday. I think this week is an indication I need to make some type of silk/flowing/draped top. :) Once I’m done with baby shower sewing… Love these: (top/left) Creative Pixie Grecian Style Top | (top/center) notes from a mad housewife sleeveless archer in silk (top/right) Sew Well Summer of Silk Crepe | (bottom) Skirt as Top Striped Julia Cardigan Until next time,

August Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix #3 – The time I almost kept everything! My stylist this time, Arteresa, really got me! I loved the colors and simplicity of this fix. See also my first and second fixes. Collective Consepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse | $ 54 | Status: Going back Stitch fix seems to think I need a lot of sleeveless blouses; I’ve gotten one in every box so far. It’s a really nice top, but it didn’t excite me enough to keep, and the armholes were too big. Danny’s take on this one was “not enough pizzazz” lol. Sold Design Lab Sara Bootcut Jean | $118 | Status: Going back What is it about Stitch Fix and their ability to find me perfect-fitting jeans!? If you can’t tell from the picture, these are actually “pull-on” jeans… almost like jeggings; they only have a button in the front, no zipper. They are super comfortable and actually the perfect length (she found me a 34″ inseam that actually seemed a little longer than 34″). If it wasn’t for the …