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August Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix #3 – The time I almost kept everything! My stylist this time, Arteresa, really got me! I loved the colors and simplicity of this fix.


See also my first and second fixes.


Collective Consepts Esten Button-Up Sleeveless Blouse | $ 54 | Status: Going back

Stitch fix seems to think I need a lot of sleeveless blouses; I’ve gotten one in every box so far. It’s a really nice top, but it didn’t excite me enough to keep, and the armholes were too big. Danny’s take on this one was “not enough pizzazz” lol.

Sold Design Lab Sara Bootcut Jean | $118 | Status: Going back

What is it about Stitch Fix and their ability to find me perfect-fitting jeans!? If you can’t tell from the picture, these are actually “pull-on” jeans… almost like jeggings; they only have a button in the front, no zipper. They are super comfortable and actually the perfect length (she found me a 34″ inseam that actually seemed a little longer than 34″). If it wasn’t for the $118 price tag, they would be in my closet right now!


Pomelo Jillian Crochet Detail Tank | $48 | Status: Going back

Very cute, comfy top… but like the other top in this box, I just didn’t love it enough to keep. And yes, that’s Finn’s puppy butt in my picture… he gets curious when I take pictures of myself… sweet boy.


Bay to Baubles Delora Hammered Leaf Earrings | $28 | Status: Going back

I was very very close to keeping these! They are cute, neutral and would go with a lot. There are a few things I may regret sending back this time, but I decided it was for the best. My wallet is getting ready for a baby shower and a move across the country… gotta budget! I asked Danny if he liked them. He said, “but you don’t wear earrings.” I said no, I don’t wear regular clothes either right now… but I’m getting ready for when I will be able to.



Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress | $68 | Status: Keeper!

The moment I walked out in this, Danny said “Beetlejuice”. This is one of those moments where I don’t listen to what Danny says. :) I love this dress! The fabric is really thick and amazing. It fits great and the V in the back is a really nice touch. I tried to say that I could wear this to work and Danny said, “But you’ll just be wearing a lab coat”… so I came back out in this:


I think it works! :) …add some tights and comfy shoes and I’ll be set!

BTW… those are my new glasses from BONLOOK. Aren’t they adorable!? I thank the blog world for all the fun things I’ve been finding… I learned about BONLOOK from A Beautiful Mess… and found these on sale last week!


As always, if you’d like to try Stitch Fix, here’s my referral link!

Happy Saturday!

Until next time,



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