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Came home today thinking I would try to fit in a nice workout before dinner. Then I fell down the stairs. :/

Danny thinks I need one of those chair lift things that takes you up and down the stairs safely. The pain radiating through my shoulder and hand agrees.


  1. Hello dear! I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say hello instead of just lurking :) Miss you and it is so nice to get updated on your life! I hope 2013 means seeing you again – it was such a treat when you came to NYC, but already that was so long ago! Glad things seem to be going well, except for this falling down the stairs…heal quickly!

    I was just talking to a friend last week about the awesome one-sentence stories we would tell each other. My favorite of yours was definitely the “I was walking to school today, and I noticed this tree I’d never seen before.” I think of you often and I’m excited to keep up with your thoughts and adventures!

    xox, Kendra


    • Oh my goodness… I just typed this whole thing and then it deleted… sometimes technology gets the better of me…

      So anyway… hi! and welcome to my sad attempt at blogging! lol.. I try to remember, but it’s so hard…

      I hope to see you soon too! I was just saying (to you… in my last message that went away) that we should plan to meet in Napa or somewhere while I’m home next month (1-8 June)… lemme know if you’re available at all!

      I loved our stories too! :) Awww… and I while I was going through a bunch of old papers in the move, I found a whole page of quotes that I’d written down… too funny! I hope all is well with you!! I stalk you on ravelry sometimes to see what you’re up to there!

      Lots of love,


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