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Christmas Crafting 2014

Okay, so I didn’t go as all out as I did last year (see part 1 and part 2), but I also ran behind and didn’t get to finish one of the things I was working on. I made it to Christmas Eve thinking I could still finish and finally made the decision to put it off and enjoy my time so I let my sis know part of her gift would have to come later. Crafting should never be stressful :)

So here are the ones I did finish in time:

#1. Foldover Clutch

For my BFF! Made using this tutorial from Skirt As Top that I’ve been wanting to try, and I also followed the leather recommendations from you & mie with my faux leather. My outer fabrics were from Joann’s from a splurge I had before leaving Cheyenne :/ and the lining was from my stash.


 IMGP3305 IMGP3302


I used these gift tags this year… love them!

#2. Double-Sided Infinity Scarf

This I made as part of my gift for the Great Christmas Gift Exchange, put on by a couple of lovely bloggers :) I used Merrick’s tutorial, but I think it definitely lays a little nicer in knit fabrics, as it ended up a little bulkier than I would like. I used some leftover flannel from one of my Seven Dwarf costumes from last year. Sneezy, I believe… :) And the green and white (I’m not sure what type of fabric it is)… was a gift from Danny when he braved the fabric store last year. It was still pretty cozy, though.

IMGP3311 IMGP3313

#3. Upcycled Baby Bibs

For my new little nephew, made from a few t-shirts I had lying around from the Seven Dwarf costume hats and some random yellow fabric from my grandma stash. The toucan one almost sorta kinda coordinates with the baby blanket I made for him earlier.

IMGP3505 IMGP3507 IMGP3509

Ugh… and see that little dark spot on the right one (above)… that’s not on the bib; that’s on every single picture I take now and I can’t figure out why. Whhyyy!? lol I only noticed it a week or so ago, but now it’s driving me insane. On most pictures it’s not very noticeable, but on others… ugh. If anyone knows how to fix this, I’m all ears :) I think I need to find a camera repair shop, tho…

Oh and here was my little cutie nephew on Christmas morning:


Until next time,




  1. What wonderful handmade presents. My favorite is the fold-over clutch. I’m so jealous. I wished someone gave me sewn presents.


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