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Grandma’s Fabric Stash

My grandma passed away a little over a year ago. She was the most amazing lady in every way; plus she was a super crafter. From knitting to sewing to doll-making, beading, cooking, and baking… she did it all! She also ran a ceramic shop for many years.  We grew up with handmade dolls, sweaters, afghans, ceramic ornaments… basically everything you can think of that can be made by hand.  Looking back to 2003… I had gone off to college. Among other things, a couple of my friends and I decided to join a crochet club. It was called STITCH (which stood for “Students Taking Initiative To Crochet Hats”). Awesome, I know. They taught me to crochet. Then I went home that Christmas and had my grandma teach me how to knit. She gave me my first pair of knitting needles and they are still my favorite! I cannot even say in words how glad I am for that time that I was able to spend with her and the fact that I gained a skill from her that I can use and create with and hopefully pass onto the next generation.

Needless to say, my grandma had quite the craft stash. Seeing that my cousin Holly and I ended up as the sewers and knitters of our generation, the family wanted us to split up her yarn and fabric to make use of what we could. Last year, my cousin Holly and I went through and split up her yarn stash. This year we went through her fabric stash. It was fun to go through and imagine what she made with some of the fabrics. With a few of them, we called it challenge fabric and challenged each other to see what we can possibly create out of it. :) The best part is, all of it will be made in loving memory of Grandma Doris.

After all the sorting and challenges, here’s what I ended up with (I had to steal a bag from my parents to fly it all back to Wyoming… ended up cutting it close at 45 pounds!):







(Finn is always my little helper… he has to lay on absolutely every project I work on) :)

Now that I have so much, I’m ordering some comic book backing boards to organize all my fabric! Apparently it’s the thing to do. And I’m pretty sure it’s going to look awesome.


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