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Sunday Sew Love: 7 September


 (top/left) no time to sew Summer Wardrobe Staples | (top/right) Thread Theory Kimono

(bottom/left) Two Random Words Jenna Cardi | (bottom/right) The Felted Fox DIY Pleated Skirt

Basics on the left… not-so-basics on the right! I love all of these! I really need to get my sewing mojo back! :) Actually, I need to get my selfish sewing mojo back… I’ve been sewing, I just can’t share any of it yet ;)

Oh, and check it out… had big plans last month for the TMS Let Them Sew Cake Challenge… planned to make this and this. But after I spent two evenings taping my pattern together… some puppy that I know (Finn!) thought it would be fun to do this:


Yes. He ate it. After that, I lost my motivation. He also munched through one of my fun vintage patterns from my grandma :( Anyone else have this problem!? :/ Oh, pups! Luckily, all of my patterns are now out of his reach!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Until next time,


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