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Top Picks in Patterns & Fabric | EARLY ACCESS

Hahaha… okay so I follow quite a few blogs. Mostly sewing and fashion blogs… very inspirational on both ends. I’ve finally gotten back to reading them here and there and it seems lately the blog-sphere has been bombarded with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (on the fashion blog side). There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and I’ve even saved a few items to my wishlist to see if they’re still in stock for after the “cardholder early access what-not week” (these leggings, this bra, and these booties)… BUT mostly I just look on there and think, ‘oh, what pattern could I use to make that’ etc, etc.

So I’ve decided to do my own version of one of those posts, but instead share my picks of two sales going on right now in the sewing world! First, The Monthly Stitch just posted their pattern bundle for this year’s Indie Pattern Month (every year in July). Last year they did a few different bundles but this year they are doing it a little different and letting you build your own bundle. Which I LOVE! (THIS is my kind of shopping…) ;) You can read all about the bundle here, but they are offering different discounts depending on how many patterns you pick, up to 50% off. I picked 6 of the 16.


The Monthly Stitch 2017 Indie Pattern Bundle

Sidebar real quick — you may ask me… ‘Kyla, if you only make 1 or 2 things per month, why in the world do you need to buy so many many patterns??’. Well, I’ve asked myself the same thing many times :) and it’s a very legitimate question. But I’ve determined a two-fold answer for that. ONE, it’s incredibly convenient to be able to go into my “crafting” excel file pattern list and pick something from all of the patterns that I already own when I want to make something. I don’t have to dig through websites, etc. to find the one I knew I wanted to make but can’t remember where to find. I can buy them when they’re on sale and keep them in there ready to print at any moment (of course if your printer is working… right now my printer and I are not seeing eye to eye). But that’s an issue for another day. TWO, I love to support the sewing community. And small businesses. What better way to do that than to support their patterns. The more we support these wonderful ladies (and a few gents) :) the more wonderful things they will be able to create for us. Do I need that many patterns, absolutely not. Do I always use the ones I buy, absolutely not. But do I love that a few dollars can contribute to a growing indie business that is inspiring so many to create wonderful things in the world… absolutely!

Alright, sidebar over, but really… the money from the pattern bundle doesn’t only go to the designers, but also to The Monthly Stitch to make it bigger and better and also to charity. So, it’s a win-win-win!

Back to it… I’ve paired each of my selected patterns with my fabric picks from CaliFabrics, one of my favorite places to order fabric online. All of their fabrics are an extra 20% off through the end of July, so it’s a great time to stock up — if you need to, that is — I really don’t need to and have been sticking to my fabric diet this year, but at least a few of these may just have to end up in my sewing room.


So here they are! My picks from the pattern bundle. Mostly “basics” because, well, that’s what I wear. But there are plenty of options for any style. :)


The Onyx Shirt from Paprika Patterns

5 6 4


The Nicola Dress from Victory Patterns



The Tulip Skirt from Sew Over It

15 13 14


The Geodesic Pullover from Blueprints for Sewing



The Pinda Pants from Waffle Patterns



The Rua Tee and Dress from Muse Patterns


Happy pattern picking… I’ll be thinking of these as I go clean out the garage :)

Until next time,


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