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Top Picks in Patterns & Fabric | EARLY ACCESS

Hahaha… okay so I follow quite a few blogs. Mostly sewing and fashion blogs… very inspirational on both ends. I’ve finally gotten back to reading them here and there and it seems lately the blog-sphere has been bombarded with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (on the fashion blog side). There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and I’ve even saved a few items to my wishlist to see if they’re still in stock for after the “cardholder early access what-not week” (these leggings, this bra, and these booties)… BUT mostly I just look on there and think, ‘oh, what pattern could I use to make that’ etc, etc. So I’ve decided to do my own version of one of those posts, but instead share my picks of two sales going on right now in the sewing world! First, The Monthly Stitch just posted their pattern bundle for this year’s Indie Pattern Month (every year in July). Last year they did a few different bundles but this year they are doing it a little different and letting …

Online Fabric Shopping

Just consider this Part 2. of my I Think I Have A Fabric Problem post. In the past, I would’ve said – leave me alone too long with my computer and all of a sudden boxes of clothes may find their way to our doorstep (not sure how that happens). Now, leave me alone too long with my computer and all of a sudden the deliveries have switched to fabric. It’s knits galore! Plus one silk crepe de chine. :) I followed this advice and checked out Girl Charlee and Mood Fabrics. Love them both! And both orders came super quick! I do have plans for each of these… so they shouldn’t stay on the shelf too long! It’s nearly impossible to get a good photo of my fabric… it fits perfectly in the little space by the guest/sewing room door… but it’s at a terrible angle to get a photo… this doesn’t include all the new stuff, and all of my bulky fabrics are currently stored in the top of the guest/sewing room closet (not …

I Think I Have a Fabric Problem

Yesterday I went to get my hair done (for the first time in over a year by the way… I need to get better at that) :/ …but the place I went to was right by Jo-Ann’s. So naturally I had to go inside… just to look around… Came out 45 minutes later with these…   That officially brings me up to 128 different fabrics in my stash. Yes, I’ve kept count… I actually have a spreadsheet to keep track of everything. That’s how I know I have a problem. I’ve only been doing this since July! I’m pretty sure it’s normal, though. Right!? I’ve done the same thing with my yarn stash. I’m just providing myself the opportunity to be inspired and make something any time the mood strikes. Plus, who can pass up a good fabric sale!? (not me, apparently)