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Rental Property: BEFORE

HGTV is one of my favorite channels. It’s really one of the main reasons I wanted to keep our cable even though the price went up and we rarely, rarely watch anything on TV :/ (I’m all about Netflix!). I love a good home makeover show… my favorites are Property Brothers and Income Property… so needless to say I was super excited for my parents when they said they were purchasing a fixer-upper to turn into a rental property. Even if I wasn’t involved directly, I was excited to see their progress – and the before and after.

Well as soon as I figured out I would be getting out of the military and had an opportunity to move and work back home, I naturally signed us up to live in their rental. :) So now I’m even more excited because I get to see everything first-hand.

And so I’ll share :) Here are a few before pictures:

72863700_1 Plenty of room to park a RV and other toys ????????????????????????????? ??????????? 72863700_6 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? IMG_20140901_222801 IMG_20140901_222329 (1) IMG_20140901_222349  IMG_20140901_222438 IMG_20140901_222409

So they’ve been working tirelessly and I’ve been watching from afar as my mom sends photos from her phone of the progress. I have a quick trip home coming up for my sis’s baby shower! I’m excited to see the fam, but I’m also excited to see the house!

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  1. I love HGTV as well – it’s the only reason I wanted cable, but I couldn’t justify the cost for just one channel! Can’t wait to see more of the place :)


    • Thanks for stopping by! You’re probably right about the cable! We’re going to have to take a good look at that before we get cable in our new place. Thanks… I’m excited to see more too :)


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