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Rental Property: PROGRESS (Exterior)

Remember the before pictures???

This is my parents’ rental house that I’ll soon be living in. When I was home the other weekend, I got to stop by and see the progress. It’s definitely coming along nicely! :)

Here are a few pictures of the progress around the exterior of the house. There used to be a huge tree out front. The tree was already removed when my parents got the house, but the driveway (and the garage) had been completely destroyed by the roots. Luckily, my dad is retired and has a tractor… and skills.

Tree roots buckled concrete.  Tree has been removed but concreteIMG_20140901_22 2633A IMG_20140901_22 2705A



They tore everything up, then extended the width of the driveway, adding a nice “brick” detailing along the edge and also extended the concrete around to the side door. Oh my goodness, don’t you think it turned out so nice!? I think so! Oh, and as you can see they cleaned up and painted the house!

IMG_20140901_222554 IMGP1944




In the back, they extended the concrete to make room for the puppy kennel. Right now, my dad is working on fencing in the back yard. The pups have no idea how excited they are going to be!





If you look in the distance you can see my dad’s tractor with his makeshift shade (umbrella)… let’s get a better look…


Muahaha. I love it so much.

I’ll share the interior progress soon… it’s also amazing…

Can you tell I’m excited!? :) It’s definitely not going to feel like a rental. Or at least not like any rental I’ve ever lived in. It’s going to feel like home.

Until next time,



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