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The Hop is Rampant!

All that comes to mind right now when I read that title is Ebola. Like “The Hop” is a crazy form of haemorrhagic fever. Hmm… annnnyway, on to more lighthearted things…

Thanks so much to Teresa at NavyBlueThreads for the shout out!!! She is really awesome. I’m serious. If you haven’t gotten a chance to say hi to her yet, you should. She is super talented and she always seems really nice and genuine!

The blog hop is a way for people to get to know their fellow bloggers a little better. So here you have it… here are my answers to the hop:

Why do I write?

Writing is such a great outlet! To me, writing is a way to sift through all of the thoughts and stories in my head and it’s also a great way to share projects that I’m working on not only for you but for me too! I rarely make anything more than once, but when I do I always feel the need to look back and see how I did it the first time (sometimes for instruction… sometimes as a cautionary tale/lessons learned type of moment) :)

Maybe it’s weird, but I also love looking back at things that I thought were interesting years or even only months before to see how similar or different my opinions are. And to see how my voice changes over time.

What am I currently working on?


Besides this tiramisu dress mess, which I have not touched since August… :/ Right now I have a couple of flight suits laying across my sewing table sitting in a box. A good friend of mine asked if I would make a purse out of one her boyfriend’s flight suits. There’s plenty of inspiration out there… I just have to figure out what design I want to go with. I always over think things when sewing for other people. For me, if it turns out ridiculous-looking, it’s no problem… no one needs to know about it :/ but if I’m being asked to make something there’s so much more expectation.

Unfortunately, I won’t actually be working on anything for the rest of the month. My sewing machine is all nicely packed away with all of my fabric waiting to be loaded into a moving truck next week. :( Needless to say, we’re going to be living very minimally for the rest of October.

How does it differ from others of its genre?

My blog has been a lot of things over the years. I started blogging in college back in June 2004 :/ (eek… it makes me feel old… it’s like my 10 year old child). It started out as a way for me to share funny moments, quotes, frustrations, and stories. Basically it was my version of Facebook status updates before there was such a thing as Facebook status updates. Along the way, it morphed into a way for me to document my adventures while studying abroad in Italy and, more recently, my attempts at sewing and crafting. I expect in the years to come, if I continue blogging, it will continue to change and adapt to my life.

So I guess the only way it’s different is that it really doesn’t have a genre. I identify with sewing bloggers, but I write about anything and everything that’s going on in my life. Although it feels weird sometimes not really fitting into a particular blog “group” I just love documenting life. The good, the bad, the funny, and the boring. It’s all here :)

How does my writing process work?

Wait… I’m supposed to have a process!?


Let’s see… I ramble on for a little while and/or toss in a photo or two of a project or a puppy. Then I hit publish. Then I read it over and typically go back in at least once or twice to make edits to grammar and things that make no sense. I’m sure there’s still plenty that sneaks through, though!

Hmm… maybe I should think about having a process…

I would love to pass on the Blog Hop baton, but it seems like everyone has already participated! In an effort to keep the movement going, though, let’s revisit this post to see some of my favorites!!

Until next time,



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