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Okay okay… I gotta take a quick minute and share my friend Taylor’s music video. She is one of the sweetest and smartest people I know (graduated in the top of our pharmacy class!)… she’s also beautiful and super talented and following her dreams in the music world. She just came out with her first music video. Check it out:

Find more about Taylor here.

So they packed up our house today! We’ll be living in a sea of boxes until next week when we’ll be living very minimally :/ The pups went to doggie daycare today while the packing guys were here. When we picked them up, they were separated from all the other dogs. The girl working said Zoe was a little grumpy with a few of the dogs. She said that she seems to choose the older, overweight dogs to be friends with and is grumpy with the rest of them. lol oh dear… my sweet little baby. I’m just crossing my fingers that she gets along with all of her new puppy friends in California – otherwise we may have some problems :/

But just look at that sweet face!


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