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Straight Stitch Designs Bellevue Pattern Testing!

Bellevue Pattern Testing

Yay! I tested a pattern!

Meet the Bellevue top from Straight Stitch Designs!

I made all 3 of these versions from the first draft of the pattern… I guess I was just super excited and started cutting right away. Then Kimberly started putting out updates and by the end it went through a bunch of drafts and I have no doubt the final version is even more wonderful. Even without the changes, though, I had a lot of fun making these and they are all super wearable. Also, I didn’t use my serger on these because I was making them quickly and was too lazy to change the thread :/ but I’ll definitely use it for future versions. Not that you can tell from the outside… but still… I’m starting to get pickier about how my insides look :)

Version 1


This one was a fabric mash-up from my stash! Actually, all of the fabrics I used for these tops are from my stash. Now that I don’t live near a fabric store, I’m limited; luckily I had plenty to work with. The knit in this one is from a thrifted sheet (also used here), the sleeve fabric is from my grandma stash, and the red is leftover broadcloth from Grumpy’s dwarf costume. It didn’t turn out perfect, but it’ll still get some wear :)



Version 2


I wanted to test out the long sleeves, but I also wanted to use this floral knit from my KnitFix and didn’t have any accent fabric to go with it. So I improvised and combined the accent and main bodice pattern pieces to get the curved, longer look. I think in the final version the sleeve length was shortened slightly, so I may just need to re-lengthen it – I have long arms :/ and the sleeves in the final version are tapered in a little more for a more fitted look.


And yes, I still have dust in my camera sensor… I’ve tried everything I can without potentially ruining my camera… might be time to send it in… :(


I’m thinking of adding a pocket to the front of this – what do you think? I feel like it’s almost too casual to wear out… like I need to wear it to bed… but I’m not sure. Either way, it’s super super comfy!



Version 3


My favorite! This was another fabric from my KnitFix! For Version 2 and this one, I sized down so it’s a little more fitted (but still not too tight, so it’s nice… it’s like Goldilocks). The armscye was adjusted in the final version of the pattern (lowered), so the fabric pulling should be less. It’s not uncomfortable, but I definitely notice it. I also cut the sleeves shorter in this one than the first and like it better. The final version of the pattern has multiple sleeve options (short, elbow, 3/4, and long!).

I wore this one to work and bowling last Wednesday and got complimented on it… plus I got my highest bowling score ever (62 points above my average! and four strikes in a row)… soooo it’s pretty much my new lucky shirt :)




New things I learned from & for this pattern: (1) Raglan sleeves! Love them. (2) Knit necklines! This was a big topic of discussion within the testing group and I tried a couple of different options. For the first two I just folded halfway and topstitched…

IMGP4555 IMGP4553

and for the third I folded all the way under more like a bias binding…


This one didn’t turn out like I wanted it to… :/ I wasn’t sure where to stitch so I went for it… then it looked funny so I added another row… then it still looked funny so I added a third row. It was one of those moments when you try to fix something and keep making it worse… :/ Soooo I’m just calling it a design element ;) (3) Rolled hems! (I used this tutorial from Megan Nielsen which makes it super easy to understand)… hellooo beautiful hemming!

Seriously… check that out:




Okay, enough of that. Let me leave you with a ridiculous puppy blooper… they are crazies, I tell you! Oh, dear… they really were just playing, I promise :) No animals were harmed in the making of these pictures :/


Annywaaaay… I’m so glad I came across Kimberly’s call for pattern testers. It was such a fun process contributing to a new pattern… and ending up with three new tops and a pattern that I love! Thanks, Kimberly!

The Bellevue pattern will be on sale through Friday. Also make sure to check out some of the other test creations here. And if you missed it, check out my Bellevue Top idea board here. My favorite thing about this pattern is how versatile it is. I love options!

Until next time,


Disclaimer: I received the Bellevue pattern as part of the pattern testing process, but all opinions are absolutely my own!


  1. These are beautiful! I love the unusual finished hemline, the U shape look so nice. Love your fabrics, especially for the long sleeve.
    Well, now you have three comfy and pretty top to wear :)

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