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Me-Made-May’15 Part Two

09May15 10May15

09|31 Too hot outside to wear sweaters! But my self-drafted aztec sweater also doubles wonderfully as a comfy robe around the house when the boy keeps it too cool for me :)

10|31 My sis and I walked a 5K — I wore my new pink Matilda leggings (more to come…!)

11May15 12May15

11|31 More new leggings! (unblogged) and a sweet little pup face :) I guess Finny approves of them :)

12|31 It was finally cool enough in the morning to need a second layer for work. My Salme Cropped Blazer fit the bill perfectly.

13May15 14May15

13|31 Another newbie (unblogged)! A Hemlock Tee for me! It was more casual than I usually go for work but in honor of Me-Made-May I went for it :)

14|31 A bit of a strange combination – my first Bellevue tee with a pencil skirt for work. And Mr. Finn joining my morning photo again – almost camoflage in his chair :)

14May15_2 16May15

14|31 Thursday evening I finally broke out my Ginger Jeans for dinner with friends. Thursday was a double day so Friday was all RTW!

16|31 Sneak peek of my latest A-Z project make (worn to the Lake County Wine Adventure). I have both D and E completed – just need to get a few pictures of them to share :)

I didn’t have any big epiphanies this past week, but I did do a good amount of sewing. I’ve been enjoying wearing me-mades almost every day, even though that wasn’t my original pledge. We’ll see how the next two weeks go… they may either not be very exciting or a huge challenge to pull off!

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  1. I like your Matilda leggings, thanks for the heads up. I have been debating making some activewear for a while but not yet got round to it. Do you like the pattern?


    • I really like the Matilda pattern! I found if I lengthen the crotch length about a half inch or so and size down on the waistband, they fit me perfectly. And with only 5 lines of sewing (plus hemming), they are super quick and easy. I love the fabric I found for the pink ones… it almost makes them like compression leggings. I haven’t run in them yet, but they were great on our walk!


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