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Me-Made Mother’s Day Hemlock Tee

First off, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to my amazing madre!


And of course to all of you other moms out there!

On the topic of mothers (and daughters) – I’ve been watching a lot of Gilmore Girls recently (I’ve seen them all multiple times… Danny hasn’t… so now that they’re on Netflix, naturally, we started from the beginning). I still love everything about that show. It’s right there with Friends for me. It never gets old. Anyway, if you like the show, you’ll probably appreciate this. I especially agree with #10! lol

So… back to Mother’s Day… as much as I do love flowers and I know she appreciates them, I wanted to go a little more original this year :) I was going between the Mandy Boat Tee and the Hemlock Tee – but I think what drew me more to the Mandy Boat Tee was the one version they show in the pictures that’s made from a really pretty blue stripe fabric – but overall I like the scoop neck better. SO… I went best of both worlds and found a similar blue stripe fabric and used the Hemlock pattern. Win-win!

Hemlock Tee | Life by Ky Blog

When I was younger, I used to give my mom a hard time because just about every shirt she owned was stripes. Well, mom, here are a few more for ya! :) And I LOVE them. Stripes just seem to go perfectly with the drop shoulder. But really, younger me, can you ever have too many stripes?

The fabric is a really soft jersey knit from It was on a super sale and if there was any more available I would probably scoop it up. I had a hard time not keeping this for myself and I’m seriously considering making an identical one for me with what I have leftover. :)

Hemlock Tee | Life by Ky Blog

The only thing I adjusted from the pattern was to chop off 4 inches from the arm length. It came out a funky length when I tried it on (#longarmproblems) so I made it more of a 3/4 length. Other than that it’s straight from the pattern. I hope it fits her well enough. I think when I make another for myself, I’ll cut a couple inches out of the middle and/or adjust the neckline to be a little smaller — although the off-the-shoulder look can look cute on some people, it drives me bonkers on me.

Hemlock Tee | Life by Ky Blog

Most of my pattern matching turned out pretty well. I tried hard to get the neckline just right (I wanted the blue stripe to match up with the neckline)… and it didn’t… but it’ll have to be close enough – I wasn’t about to take it apart and start over.

Hemlock Tee | Life by Ky Blog

Overall I’m pretty happy with how it turned out! My mom won’t get it for another couple of days (they’re in Hawaii right now… life is rough, I know) :) but I hope she likes it too!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (you probably aren’t but I’m going to explain it anyway) – yes, it’s Sunday – and no, I’m not doing a Sunday Sew Love post! After 10 months (yes, I kept up with them for 10 whole months… yikes) I found it was starting to feel like work. :/ And that’s no fun. The whole reason I started doing them was to keep track of fun projects and such that other people are working on. And I did find it helpful… I’ve gone back on several occasions to find random posts from random blogs… it’s much easier to find things when they’re saved somewhere. So, after a little thought, I said to myself ‘what am I doing?!… isn’t there a website out there that can help me keep track of those sorts of things that I already use all the time?!’. So there ya go… hello Pinterest board. And DONE. :)

Until next time,


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  1. What a great gift for your mom! I’m sure she’ll love it after she returns from her rough life.

    Guess what I made my stepmom for Mother’s Day? A Watson. Surprise, surprise… LOL

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