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Nursing-Friendly Bellevue Modification

One quick addition to the Bellevue fun this week! I used this tutorial to make a nursing friendly version of the top for my sis for her b-day last week and it worked out really well.


The accent pieces aren’t supposed to connect at the bottom, but they do because I went a little crazy with my serger so it came together a little tight at the bottom :/ I should have gone back to fix it but I ran out of time :( Might have to steal it back from her at some point…


I used the same blue fabric as I did for my third test version of the top. I got this fabric before I had a clue what I was doing with my sewing machine so it’s been sitting around for a few years. Plus I have no idea what it is, but I really like it. If anyone can help me identify this fabric… I will love you forever :) haha… no… seriously tho… It’s lightweight, has a very slight horizontal stretch and when you look close has a slight ribbed look to it…


Any ideas?

What I need is a giant book of different types of fabric as the pages… identifying what they are and how to care for them. Hmm… maybe something to make for myself as I go??

Oh, also this was my first time using a double needle. Pretty much the best invention ever!

So here’s the inside. Basically the front bodice piece is cut in half and then you add the top piece and sew as if they were a single layer.


It was a little difficult keeping track of all the layers, especially when sewing the sleeves… but it turned out. And there you have it… easy boob access!


Then of course I wore my Striped Swing Tee to her b-day and made her try hers on so we could match! Love you sis!


She puts up with me well… :)

Happy Hump Day!

Don’t forget if you want to try out the Bellevue pattern… it’s on sale till Friday!

Until next time,



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