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Oh, The Things You Can Subscribe To These Days

If you know me at all… you know that I love getting mail! And sending mail for that matter. We’ll just say I love supporting the postal service. :)

So when I randomly stumbled across this blog and read her Stitch Fix review, I was immediately intrigued. Apparently it’s very popular… not sure how I haven’t come across it before. But… I’m giving it a try :) Now that I’m officially getting out of the military (more on that later), I feel like I need to attempt to create a real adult wardrobe. I’ve started this with my sewing – and that’s definitely the main avenue I’d like to go down. But I’ve realized I also need to figure out what my style is. And if I can have someone pick out my clothes for me – rather than having me default to the same old styles I’ve been wearing for years – all the better! If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix – check it out –  the skinny: they have you fill out a huge style profile, then a professional stylist picks out 5 items for you – you chose what you want and send back what you don’t. Can’t say I like it from personal experience – yet – but it sounds like a great idea.

Part of the style profile is the price range – that’s the main part that scares me. I chose the “the cheaper, the better” option for all of the categories for now (I can always adjust it later). I am what you might call a bit frugal when it comes to my wardrobe. I rarely purchase anything for myself that is not either on sale and/or less than $20-30. According to their website, the average price of each Stitch Fix item is $65. BUT, as long as I don’t keep the whole box each time – and I get quality items that I can actually turn into a wardrobe… I think I’ll be good. I’ll at least give it a try.. then see from there if it’s worth it :)

Here’s my referral link if anyone reading this wants to try it out also! I’ll keep you posted when I get my first box (scheduled for 27 June… it’ll be like a birthday present to myself if there’s anything good)!


I’m also still subscribed to Club W (started in January)! It’s been great so far – 3 bottles of wine per month (only $13 per bottle). I skipped a few months unintentionally because my credit card number changed and I forgot to switch it over (oops… finally updated that one… haven’t yet updated it for the gym membership… that one hasn’t been used in a while) :/ but it’s been fun to try completely random new wines (and to keep our wine fridge stocked finally). And of course Netflix. Between a subscription to movies, wine, and clothes, what more could a girl ask for. Still though, I find it crazy all the things you can subscribe to… I’ve been tempted to try the Bark Box too but I can’t do it all… ahhh, there are just too many.

Oh my goodness… found another list… it’s crazy I tell you!


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