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Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is awesome. Check out his garden:


Actually, this is an old picture… I think he has a bunch more growing in there now. But I like this picture with the rainbow :)

So he’s retired and spends most of his time in the garden. Therefore a tie is probably the last thing in the world he actually needs. But then again I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually NEED anything. For his birthday a little over a week ago I got him a Frog Log… yes, this is actually a thing… their website calls it a “Critter Saving Escape Ramp”. So you can tell how desperate I was for ideas. LOL… ok, actually I think the Frog Log is brilliant… but hey, that’s just me… I spent too much time in my childhood fishing out California newtsΒ (absolutely adorable creatures) from the pool to think this is NOT an essential device for everyone with a pool. But anyway – it’s Father’s Day, and a handmade tie seemed appropriate now that I’m sewing :) So that’s what I made. (SP36)


And yes, my embroidery skills need a little help… but that was a last minute add… and no one will see it anyway except for him (and you I guess if you’re reading this… oops) :)

I used fabric from two different sheets. You may recognize the stripes from Danny’s PJ pants… still need to make myself some of those! And the blue IΒ also used for my 4th of July table runner.

It was my first time using a vintage pattern. It was one from my grandma. It may be a vintage pattern, but I’m pretty sure ties are never going to change, so it’s obviously not a vintage design. It was McCall’s 2568Β from 1970 and it was neat because you could tell that my grandma had used it more than a few times before.


So Happy Father’s day to an amazing pop. I can’t wait to come home and steal deliciously fresh foods from your garden! And I expect to see you at least once out there gardening in your new tie :)


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