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Happy Father’s Day!

My dad is awesome. Check out his garden:


Actually, this is an old picture… I think he has a bunch more growing in there now. But I like this picture with the rainbow :)

So he’s retired and spends most of his time in the garden. Therefore a tie is probably the last thing in the world he actually needs. But then again I’m pretty sure he doesn’t actually NEED anything. For his birthday a little over a week ago I got him a Frog Log… yes, this is actually a thing… their website calls it a “Critter Saving Escape Ramp”. So you can tell how desperate I was for ideas. LOL… ok, actually I think the Frog Log is brilliant… but hey, that’s just me… I spent too much time in my childhood fishing out California newts (absolutely adorable creatures) from the pool to think this is NOT an essential device for everyone with a pool. But anyway – it’s Father’s Day, and a handmade tie seemed appropriate now that I’m sewing :) So that’s what I made. (SP36)


And yes, my embroidery skills need a little help… but that was a last minute add… and no one will see it anyway except for him (and you I guess if you’re reading this… oops) :)

I used fabric from two different sheets. You may recognize the stripes from Danny’s PJ pants… still need to make myself some of those! And the blue I also used for my 4th of July table runner.

It was my first time using a vintage pattern. It was one from my grandma. It may be a vintage pattern, but I’m pretty sure ties are never going to change, so it’s obviously not a vintage design. It was McCall’s 2568 from 1970 and it was neat because you could tell that my grandma had used it more than a few times before.


So Happy Father’s day to an amazing pop. I can’t wait to come home and steal deliciously fresh foods from your garden! And I expect to see you at least once out there gardening in your new tie :)


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