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DIY Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HIM

I think I may have had too much fun with this one. It’s a bit of a bacon overload. But what guy doesn’t love bacon? Okay, what girl doesn’t love bacon? Other than you awesome veggie people (I’m still trying to be more of one… it’s just so hard when there’s so much bacon around)!

DIY Gift Guide For Him

1 | Sewn Tie | I made a tie for my dad this year for Father’s Day from a different pattern, but this tutorial looks pretty nice and simple.

2 | DIY Gourmet Bacon | Because why not?!

3 | Star Trek Pot Holders | I made one of these for a wedding gift a year and a half or so ago but never finished it… it’s sitting in my closet almost done. Maybe I should get on that… but really; who am I kidding? More likely we’re looking at a 5-year anniversary present. :/

4 | Cornhole Boards | I love the design on these ones; it would also be fun to personalize with a favorite sports team, etc.

5 | Bacon Jam Spread | Sounds gross… but also very deliciously intriguing…

6 | Bacon infused whiskey | Whaaat???

7 | Magic The Gathering Mug | Only problem – since last year when I made this the design has mostly been washed off – maybe he’ll get a new design every year on the same mug ;) …or maybe I’ll figure out how to get it to set better :)

8 | Beer bottle glasses | My only attempt so far at this was with a wine bottle and it was an utter failure; but from what I’ve read there are glass cutting contraptions you can buy to help with the rough edges and such… so it’s definitely worth another try!

9 | Bacon salt | I told you… bacon overload! Bacon all the things!

10 | Leather luggage tags | I’m just lucky if I get Danny into the airport with a regular bag rather than plastic grocery bags… but one day…

11 | Scarf | A manly knit.

12 | PJ Pants | Because they can never have too many PJs!

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Find more gift guides for guys at the linkup on Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog!


  1. Bacon jam spread?!? The mind boggles. I have more of a weakness for sausage sandwiches at the weekend, but sausage jam spread sounds just as bad, or would that just be pate? :-)


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