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Sunday Sew Love: 8 February

So I seem to have acquired the head cold that’s been going around. Between that and the rain all weekend, it’s been a super lazy couple of days. It’s been nice, though. I caught up on a bunch of cleaning around the house and even rearranged the living room. Our living room is a really awkward shape, so it’s really difficult to work with. I’ll probably rearrange again, but I’m giving it some time.

This week was full of pretty basics and fun prints (who doesn’t love pineapples!?). Plus I must have a thing for this gold fabric Andrea keeps using – I also posted her dress in this fabric a few weeks ago. I think I love it as leggings even more!


(left) Sew Unravelled Pineapple Dress of Happiness | (center) Andrea’s Sewing Diary Espresso Gold Leggins

(right/top) Boots & Cats Heart On Your Sleeve | (right/bottom) Jess Sew Fabulous Pleated Pencil Skirt

Until next time,



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