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A few things finished in February…

At the beginning of the month, I dug out a bunch of unfinished objects at different stages in hopes that I could finish a few in honor of the February challenge at The Monthly Stitch! And yay… I actually finished a few!

First up…

Straight Stitch Designs Stitch Kit | Life by Ky Blog

The Greenwood Tank was/is my first indie paper pattern! I love pdfs but it was so fun to work with a pre-printed pattern for a change! I got it in one of her Stitch Kits back in September of last year, then did a test run and cut my fabric in October. Then my cut fabric pieces sat there waiting patiently for me… until now! :)

 Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

I cut a straight 4. The fit is great, but not perfect. Next time I’ll try grading out a size or two at the hips, and add an inch or two of length depending on my fabric. Overall, though, I love it! It’s a great go-to staple pattern!

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

Plus… how often can you say that you perfectly match your pattern envelope?! :) I just love this art gallery knit!

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

I accidentally sewed my bindings onto the wrong side of the fabric. I didn’t realize it until the first one was serged so there was no way I was going to take it back out! It worked out just fine though – I think I actually like the look better than when they are sewn on the correct way – but it was a little tougher to sew and the inner seam doesn’t look quite as neat. The outside looks pretty, though :D

Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog Straight Stitch Designs Greenwood Tank | Life by Ky Blog

Next up… these have been cut and waiting to be sewn for a while… my best fitting pair of leggings yet! Yay! I’ve been making small adjustments each time I make the Matilda Leggings (pattern can be found here) and this was actually my fourth time making them out of this fabric so the fit was spot on! Unfortunately (for me) these ones aren’t for me! This pair is headed to my cousin, who – as luck may have it – has the exact same measurements as me :D (so much easier to sew for!)

 Matilda Leggings | Life by Ky Blog Matilda Leggings | Life by Ky Blog

I added a half inch to the rise on the main pieces and an inch to the waistband (higher waisted leggings are my jam) :) I shaped the waistband all so slightly this time so when it’s folded over the top is a size smaller than the bottom portion that attaches to the leg pieces. Since the seam is sewn at the back, I figure it gives slightly more room for the booty and helps the fit at the waist. :D

See the other three pairs here and here (my family matching master plan is slowly but surely taking effect…)!

Last up… a P4P Men’s Henley tee for the boy!

P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog

He’s been requesting a hoodie for just about ever, and I finally decided to give the Henley hoodie a try… so this was more of a wearable muslin. I’ve had the pattern printed for a while, so this month I finally cut it and sewed this up! I wanted to finish it before Valentine’s Day, but didn’t end up having time… but I did finish in February! :)

P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog

I was sewing late at night and sewed the sides together first… not paying attention… then cut off those seams and re-started… so the sizing isn’t exactly right. I also had a small incident with my sewing machine on the last hem, but luckily was able to stitch over it well enough that it’ll still be wearable.

P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog

The fabric is this baby cotton jersey from Girl Charlee (purchased in November, also used here). It’s lightweight but my goodness it’s so soft!

P4P Men's Henley | Life by Ky Blog

Not too bad for the first go-around!

And that’s it! Well, that, plus the repaired sweater for my sister… brings my finished UFOs up to 4 for this month!

As always, thank you for the motivation, TMS!

Until next time,



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