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Mesh Cutout Foxglove Tank

Hello hello! So things have been a little busy around here lately and I definitely haven’t been sewing as much as I’d like. I’m coming up on the end of my 3-month fabric fast (not buying any new fabric and only using what I already have in my stash) and I haven’t even used very much because I’ve only made a few things. :/ But what are ya gonna do, right!? :)

We’ve been somewhat on the house hunt since we moved, but haven’t found anything interesting come up on the market in the last few months to even go look at. Then last weekend we had a meeting set up to go look at a house that looked good from the pictures (but, as we’ve learned, you can never really tell until you get there!)… a couple days after that we found ourselves in a bidding war… now all the papers are signed and we are in escrow! Crazy! We’re super excited, though… and of course I’m already planning where my new sewing space is going to go ;) That, and the boy started a new job, and his family was in town.

So anyway… on to the shirt that I made at the end of January, photographed at the end of February, and now am finally getting around to posting… :)


And yes, the weather was THAT nice in February. Now it’s all rain and flash flood warnings… but it was weird and nice for a little while :)

As I’m sure you guessed from the title, it’s another Foxglove Tank from Baste & Gather! It’s my third time using this pattern (see the others here) but I wanted to do a little something different this time. So I broke out my power mesh and went to town! :D

I folded my back pattern piece at an angle to make a point in the center of the tank.


And went a few inches down from the shoulder on the front pattern piece and marked a straight line there.


I taped those pieces together, cut, and traced a new pattern piece , adding seam allowances. I cut the seam allowances slightly larger than I marked here in the picture.


The mesh was surprisingly durable and easy to sew with, but I did mess it up the first time and had to re-cut my mesh and start over. I found this video/technique super helpful the second time around. :)

IMGP8361 IMGP8363

Here’s the inside before I topstitched:


Ahh… love that double needle…


The rest I assembled like normal… and finished it off with the knit binding technique from the Greenwood Tank to make it a little more sporty and enclose all of the edges. I stole the binding from a scrap of striped fabric. I’ve learned that I really like doing it that way because you barely have to measure… just cut out around a stripe! Win!


And there you have it!

IMGP8584 IMGP8583

This one is actually going to my cousin, but I already have some new colors picked out for one for myself (if I ever find the time!). :/ That and I want to combine the Foxglove and Greenwood to see what happens there… I love the flattering shape of the back on the Foxglove, but would like to combine them and make a more fitted tank. Or maybe add a V neck… so many possibilities :)




IMGP8683 IMGP8679 (2)

What do you think? Are you ready to add power mesh to everything like I am!? ;)

Until next time,


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