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The Versatile Blogger Award

It’s like the email chain letter of the blogging world! But it’s a fun one because it brings bloggers together and lets you share awesome people you’ve stumbled across in the interwebs!

Thank you so much to Teresa at NavyBlueThreads for the nomination! I love her sewing! She’s fairly new to it as well, but really inspiring!


So here are the rules of the award for anyone who chooses to accept the nomination:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and create a link back to their blog.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15 other versatile bloggers.
  4. Tell the bloggers that you nominated them.

Hmm… so here are 7 things about me:

  1. I’m allergic to bee stings. I got stung A LOT as a child, and my reactions seemed to get worse every time. I rarely remember to carry my EpiPen with me. :/
  2. I LOVE coffee, but ALWAYS leave my coffee cup sitting around somewhere and end up re-heating it at least three times before I finish it.
  3. I am a sugar addict… constantly trying to curb my addictions but giving in more often than not.
  4. I love home workout videos! I have yet to finish a Beachbody program in its entirety… but I start a lot of them with great intentions. PLUS, I believe as long as I’m doing something on a regular basis, there’s no reason to beat myself up for not finishing them. Anything Chalene is my favorite, though… I’m starting her new program – PiYO – next week with a Challenge Group! Excited!
  5. I love being a pharmacist! It’s hard some days… people get really mean… like altered-my-view-on-the-world-and-how-I-interact-with-people kind of mean. But the ones in between that you actually get to help and make a difference for… they make it sooo worth it!
  6. I studied abroad in Italy during undergrad. It was amazing and I still miss the constant traveling and adventures. Now that I’m living and working in the real world… :/ my goal is to visit at least one new place every year. Still need to plan something for this year… no one has gotten married this year and given me an excuse to travel :) Went snowboarding a couple times at the beginning of the year and camping just recently, but work has been way too crazy to do much else.
  7. This year, I will be an aunt for the first time! I’m going to have a nephew in November! :)

I agree with Becky at SpringyStitches – it was tough to put together this list. I’m not new to blogging… but I am new to being an active blogger and… you know… actually talking to other people and exploring other blogs (now I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to bloglovin’… but that’s another issue for another day) :) Here are my nominations, in no particular order. And if anyone would like me to take their photos down… lemme know and I’ll do so right away – I just wanted to show off how awesome you all are! I also tried to check if people had already done this… if you have, sorry not sorry… I’ll still show you off! :)

  • Kendra at FayeMakes – my crafting bug really started back in college when Kendra and I joined a club called STITCH (Students Taking Initiative To Crochet Hats)… yes, we were THAT awesome :) She blogs about her cooking and crafting adventures.


  • Maude at MP by Maude – I absolutely love how she takes inspiration from TV and movies to make so many of her creations. Her blog is in English and French.


  • Esther at {thread_heap} – She’s a software engineer who makes lots of awesome dresses, among other things!


  • Vicki at Yellow Submarine Time – She just seems like a lot of fun! Plus her pieces are constructed beautifully.


  • Tracy at Sawyer Ford Driving By – She has a whole series of posts of different presser feet and how to use each one! Awesome resource for a new sewer like me! Plus other crafty things…


  • Allison at AllisonMaeB – A lifestyle blogger, animal lover, and StitchFix-er (that’s how I found her… tracking down other StichFix-ers before my first fix).


  • Vicki at Oh My Hat – She says she’s only been sewing since 2013… but phew! I’m super impressed by all the stuff she’s made! (ok… impressed… jealous… you know… close enough) ;)


  • Tonya at Subscription Prescription – I don’t know how she affords all the monthly subscription boxes that she gets, but it’s interesting to see what comes in them nonetheless! :) Who knew there were so many!?


  • Arianne at Ariation – Beautiful, colorful sewing… what more can I say!


  • Hana at Velvet Ribbon – More handmade, including some TV-inspired creations.


  • Linda at Daisy Creates in Sussex – I love photos from fabric stores… makes me want to find them wherever I go! She has a collection of fabric finds and sewing creations.


  • Nhi at Detective Houndstooth – She has a bunch of sewing tips & tricks scattered throughout the blog… and I love the name! :)


  • Lara at Dreaming of Avonlea – Talk about Cambie inspiration! I want to make this dress! Plus lots of other great creations.


  • Ruthie at Ruthie Reviews – Fun video and written pattern reviews and creations!


  • Lindsay at Baking Making and Crafting – Absolutely love all of her sewing and embroidery creations… and her food pictures always make me hungry!


Okay… that was exhausting! But I’m glad to share these blogs… and hope you find a couple in there you haven’t seen before. Lots of fun stuff going on in the blogsphere! If any of the links, etc don’t work, let me know. Too many links… too exhausted to go back and check them all! :)


  1. Hi Kyla, thank you so much for nominating my blog on the award. You are a very sweet person :)


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