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Monochromatic Polly Top

When I was younger, my favorite bathing suit was zebra print and hot pink; along with that, I still have a furry zebra print blanket in my living room. I guess I have a soft spot for the pattern. :) At this point in my life, I wouldn’t normally look for something zebra print to actually wear, but as soon as I read the theme of the Monthly Stitch July challenge… I knew I’d found a use for the zebra print fabric I’ve had lying around since Christmas.

IMGP1406 IMGP1402

IMG13882 ING13892

Pattern used: By Hand LondonPolly Top

In an effort to stick with my Summer Stashbust plan and not buy any new fabric until September… the black fabric came from another one of Danny’s ripped pairs of work pants. :) Because I had to cut it from two pieces, I just pieced them together in the middle. The grain is off… but it’s black… it goes together well enough…right!? :)


For some reason when I cut fabric, I seem to forget that I’m trying to get a particular size. I just lay the pattern down and start hacking at the fabric, usually at least a quarter-inch to a half-inch larger (typically) than the pattern. I cut more in the general shape than the actual size. This time it came back to bite me… turns out, I need to pay attention to size (crazy idea, right!?) or I will end up with a top that is waaaaay too big… which is what happened. Once it was all put together, I had to take it in over an inch on each side to make it fit a little better, but the neckline still ended up gaping some. Overall though, I’ll definitely try the pattern again, but hopefully actually cut to the size of the pattern. :/

Two things I’m proud of with this project… #1. I actually sewed my bias binding on correctly (apparently, there’s a correct way, and a cheater way… I had only tried the cheater way) and it was so much nicer to work with when you do it correctly! #2. I used my serger for the first time! I finished all my seams with it and I love how they turned out!

IMGP1413  IMGP1411

Oh… and here’s my favorite monochrome duo of all time:



  1. springystitches says

    Looks fab! I am in love with my new overlocker too, I don’t think the novelty will wear off any time soon! Cute puppies as well.


  2. Oh, I totally forgot to tag my monchromatic. I see you’re going for the bonus points with the zebra print. Nice.


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