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Sunday Sew Love: 31 August


(top) MP by Maude Carme not so Carme Blouse | (right) House of Pinheiro That’s going to be a flasher…

(bottom/left) create / enjoy It’s darling! It’s… a romper! | (bottom/center) Clipped Curves Out dam spot

I actually picked up this romper pattern (bottom left) a little while back and have been wanting to try it. And/or make the dress version… but pretty sure I need a romper. Who doesn’t… right!? :) Also, Rachel of House of Pinheiro wasn’t sure about her polka dot dress, but I think it’s awesome. So it’s a bit of a flash risk… gotta live on the edge sometimes, right?! :) But I’m 100% sure I would have the same problem here in Wyoming… the wind never quits!

Until next time,


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