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No Motrin No Mission

Meet my pharmacy staff! We recently had t-shirts printed for the pharmacy. Here’s part of what we included on the back, along with the phrase “No Motrin No Mission” :)

Capt H Stamps

AnaO'Neill Andrea School

Natasha Nordstrom

S O'Neill Sandi

I’m sure you can guess which one is me. Oh my goodness, though, they all crack me up. 

Tomorrow I have a pre-move home inspection. Basically, they are coming to the house to see what sort of packing materials they’re going to need to bring and what large items they’ll need to pack, etc, etc. It’s all getting very real. We’ll be moving in a couple of months. I’m so excited and yet a little nervous. Getting a license in CA is a nightmare; they finally got back to me after 3 months of waiting to tell me I’m missing something the application specifically says I do not need. And they are impossible to get a hold of. Oh, the fun. Once that part is over, though, I think it will be smooth sailing. I’m going to miss my coworkers here (I mean look at them… who wouldn’t miss that lot!?) :) but I’m super excited to be closer to family.

BTW… if you’re ever looking for an online option to get quick, quality shirts printed… check out CustomInk. I was impressed; they fixed my design and got back to me really quickly and the shirts came almost a week before they were scheduled to. I appreciate getting good feedback at the pharmacy so I also love giving good feedback whenever I get good service!

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  1. If you’re ever in Southern CA we should meet-up for some sewing or non-sewing-sewing activities.


    • Most definitely! And I hear you on the non-sewing-sewing activities… I’ve been in kind of a sewing funk lately too, and your graph is very accurate when it comes to my activities :)


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