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Winter Fashion – Stitch Fix Style

Hello Hello!

So, normally I only get my fixes once a month but for some reason, they scheduled this one only 2 weeks after my last fix. I could have gone in and changed it, but decided to go ahead with it. Plus it turned out to be perfect timing for this post, so all is well in the end :) I mean, let’s face it… I really don’t have fashion sense much less any fashion advice to share. Other than sharing my sewing creations, Stitch Fix is about fashion-y as it gets around here!

So here’s what I got in my latest box:


I was very mixed about this box. It was a close call between keeping everything and keeping nothing. :/ And sorry, no try-ons this time around. I love Stitch Fix reviews that show how the clothes fit, but it just didn’t happen today.


Look by M Prescott Solid Fringe Detail Wrap Scarf | $32 | Status: Sent back

Super soft, big, and comfy! Although the color is really nice (a light pink/beige), it really isn’t a great color for my skin tone. Plus, right out of the box it had a few spots where the fabric was already snagging and pulling… so it went right into the return bag.


Three Dots Gwendolen V-Back Knit Shirt | $58 | Status: Sent back

This fabric is amazing. So soft and the color is a perfect purple (slightly lighter than it looks in these photos). One thing I couldn’t get over, though, was the right side seam. I get that it was supposed to be a style feature having the seam come around the front (although I had to double check the style card picture to make sure it was supposed to be that way), but I automatically kept fidgeting trying to turn the shirt. Plus, $58 for a simple knit shirt? Sorry, Stitch Fix, that’s a no go.


Kut From The Kloth Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant | $68 | Status: Sent back

Almost, almost kept these pants, but they were a little too big in the waist and a little too short (as per usual). :/


Fun2Fun Lukas Paisley Print Blouse | $48 | Status: Sent back

It’s a pretty cute high-low top. I’m not crazy about the design but the fabric is a nice weight. It’s a nice length, too, but the back seemed to be too heavy or something because the shoulder seams kept falling toward the back. Not a great fit for me.


Mystree Pauli Lightweight Waist String Jacket | $38 | Status: Keeper!

Still very uncertain about this one. It’s a weird, almost shiny thin fabric. It seems almost waterproof, but there’s no hood for rainy weather. I was trying to come up with the right word to describe it when I showed it to Danny. “Smock” he said. Yes! It’s like a black painter’s smock! At first, I put it down thinking ‘absolutely not’ but then I tried it on again the next day and wore it around the house. Strangely, it really grew on me and I decided to give it a chance in my closet. If it doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll just take up painting :/ Plus, I had a $25 Stitch Fix credit because my mom decided to give it a try. I’m excited for her; she is a strictly t-shirt & jeans type but I’m sure they’ll find plenty of cute stuff for her :)

So there ya have it! Not every fix is perfect but I’m still so in love with this service. See my other fixes here.

Finally ordered my Christmas cards for this year today! I may be a little behind, but at least they’re happening! Last year and this year, I’ve ordered from York Photo (50% off everything through today… score!). I order 4x6s rather than fancy cards, but I love them, and they aren’t crazy expensive, which is awesome. In case you missed it, here’s last year’s card. This year is all about the pups and I’m super excited about how it turned out :)

Until next time,



Find more winter fashion on the linkup at Tay Meets World and The Grits Blog :)


  1. Ok, I have heard of stitch fix before but I have been weary to try it. Do you love it? Who doesn’t love clothes coming straight to their doorstep!!


    • I do love it! I don’t think it’s for everyone, but if you love surprises, don’t necessarily love shopping for yourself and/or live far from fun shopping, it’s great to try. I told myself I would just try it back in June and I’ve been getting monthly boxes since :) The most I’ve kept is two pieces out of a box so far, but I tell myself if I don’t love it, it’s going back – since it’s usually more expensive than I would normally be comfortable with. But I am a sucker for surprises :) and I like shopping alright but this gives me a chance to try things I normally wouldn’t pick out for myself… and I don’t have to go anywhere… so it’s a win-win for me :)


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