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Top 5 of 2014

Top 5 Hits!

  • Aztec Sweater | Definitely the most worn, but that could be because I made it in January :) It’s actually a major miss when it comes to construction and what not, but it was self-drafted and only my second me-made garment for myself so I just love it despite all of its flaws!


  • B is for Boden Maya Maxi | I’ve worn this one a few times and still love it. I’m excited to continue this self-imposed brand inspiration sewing challenge in the new year! :)



  • Salme Vegas Blazer | My first outerwear. I foresee this being worn a lot… but we’ll have to wait and see :)



Top 5 Misses!

  • Pants to Shorts Refashion | I love that I made these from Danny’s pants and that they were my first pair of shorts, but they really turned out to be more of a practice run. The more I tried to wear them the more I realized the sizing was all off and I would not be comfortable in them. They are still sitting in my shorts drawer but really need to be moved… :/



  • Salme Minna Blouse | Love this blouse… then I threw it in the washer… what was I thinking?! I need to try to save it but I’m not sure that I can. It’s waiting in my sad ‘see if there’s anything you can do with this’ pile.


  • Wine Bottle Candle | Okay okay so it’s not a sewing make… but it’s definitely a miss! :(



 See the rest of my 2014 makes here!

Top 5 (Non-Sewing) Highlights!

  • Learning to snowboard! | Snowboarding and I have a love-hate relationship. I’m still not very good and I’m not sure we’re going to make it out this season… but it’s a fun challenge.


  • Getting Out of the Military & Moving to California! | I was in the United States Air Force for 3 years and 3 months. That picture (below) is from my last duty day in the military. They filled my car with balloons (and had a mannequin sitting in the front seat) lol. I already miss the people that I worked with so much, but I’m so excited for new experiences and challenges in the civilian world.


  • Becoming an Aunt! | I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Being an Aunt is the best job ever! I hold him and play with him until he gets fussy then he gets to go back to his momma ;) This may change once I get put on the babysitting schedule :/ but I can enjoy it for now! :D Plus he is seriously a cutie.



  • Getting my California Pharmacist License! | I already had my Wyoming license, but getting my license for CA was brutal and stressful and I’m so glad I will never have to go through that again. It was mostly a waiting game (6 months + 21 days of waiting). That picture (below) was my study spot in the Laramie County Library in Cheyenne. They had an awesome little quiet room that overlooked the capitol building. It was the pretty part of my study time :)

IMG_20140922_174539_125 (1)

Top 5 (Sewing) Reflections!

  • I’ve learned that I need to sew simple. Frosting sometimes, but cake more often. I want to actually enjoy wearing the things that I make.
  • I’ve learned that I need to take better care of my clothes. This goes for RTW items along with my me-makes. Now that I’m paying more attention to what goes into a garment, I’m finally appreciating them in a new way and realizing that I need to care more.
  • I’ve learned that sometimes maybe I should make a muslin. Maybe… we’ll see about that… :)
  • I’ve learned that I need to learn about ease. I understand what it is, but I need to figure out what it really means to me while sewing. lol… If you have any good references, lemme know! Thanks!
  • I’ve learned that I don’t know what I don’t know at this point and I’m alright with that! I’m still new and excited to keep learning!

Top 5 (Sewing) Goals!

I’ll be keeping with my goals from earlier in the year, and going from there :)

Excited to see everyone else’s top 5s! It’s been a great, busy year! Who’s ready for 2015?! :)

Until next time,



  1. gilliancrafts says

    Great post! I’m totally impressed by your highlights – what a productive year! And I love your cardigan and blazer… and now I”m intriegued by your vest pattern! I’m going to go and poke around your site to find out more. Thanks for joining in the Top 5 list series! :)


  2. I enjoyed reading your 2014 reflections. I found your blog through the “Top 5 of 2014” tour I was taking. I live in Cheyenne but spent the first 30 years of my life in southern California. I had to laugh at your comment about finishing a Beachbody program. I’m not sure how many I have but I can’t ever focus long enough to stick with one the whole way through. And I’m a Beachbody coach (it pays for my husband’s and my Shakeology)! They are great programs though but I just have to switch it up. Good luck with your sewing, your Gingers when you start (mine are taking forever due to machine issues, fitting, etc.) & your new career!


    • Thanks, Susan! I’m glad you stopped by! That’s so funny about the Beachbody programs :) I’ve started and tried so many and I love them but oh my goodness it’s quite the feat to finish one lol Maybe I’ll try combining them and see how that goes… mix it up enough to not get bored. I snooped around your page a little and I love your pattern weights! And your dogs are adorable :) Also I’m glad I’m not the only one taking a while with my Gingers, although I’m pretty sure you are still light years ahead of me. All I have is a cut-out pattern! Good luck with yours! I’ll have to tag along and see how it goes. Happy 2015!


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