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Colors Quiet Book: Putting it All Together

There are definitely a number of tutorials out there on how to put together a quiet book, but I didn’t particularly love any of them. So here was my attempt at creating my own way.

Disclaimer: I didn’t pay attention and ordered the pages completely wrong! :/ My original goal was to put them in the order of the rainbow… you know; figured that made the most sense. But then I didn’t plan it out. I blame it on being a beginner… or maybe I was just lacking that attention to detail they always talk about in the military :/ But either way, I wasn’t about to take it all apart once I realized what I did. lol… so you will notice there is absolutely no logical order to the colors in the finished book.

Anywhoo… we’ll just ignore that little detail and show how I put it all together:

Step 1: Cut long rectangular strips of fleece and sew your pages to them. With right sides together, sew coordinating pages together, flip inside out and sew along each edge to finish. (This is where you should probably pay attention to get them in the correct order) :)


Step 2: Figure out your layout. The way I looked at it, I had two options:

Option A: This is what I had originally planned to use. “1”,” “2”, and “3” correspond to your three double-sided fleece rectangles. If you have your pages correctly aligned, with the cover on the correct side, you can use this layout.


Option B: This is what I had to use because my cover ended up being on the back :/ lol (seriously, I wasn’t paying attention at all). I just cut the cover rectangle into two and made a smaller rectangular piece for the binding (“4”)


IMGP0440 IMGP0442

Step 3: Sew the covers to the binding (if using option B) and sew down the middle of each page to connect the inner pages. After sewing the pages in, I sewed one more line in between each for good measure.

IMGP0444 IMGP0447 IMGP0449

Voilà! That’s it. All done!

IMGP0450 IMGP0452 IMGP0459 IMGP0458

Note: For the cover, I used the letter stencils I had in my drawer from the alphabet magnets I made last year and scraps of leftover tie-dye t-shirt from my first batch of adopt me vests for BDAR. I starched them and ironed them on with fusible interfacing.

See the rest of the book.

Aaaand… as per usual, I had my trusty little helper by my side the whole time. :)



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