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Pants to Shorts Refashion


Once again (see my last post), Danny provided me with inspiration for something to make. After ripping his work pants :/ …I decided instead of tossing them in the trash I’d attempt to make something with them. In came McCall’s M6756 — and my second time using a printed pattern. (SP29)


Because of the rip in the front, I couldn’t get enough fabric for all four pieces I was cutting, so I added a strip of blue and used the same blue fabric for the pockets. I re-used the waistband I had cut off the pants (this probably would’ve looked a lot nicer if I’d made it new, but oh well). And this was my first time sewing in a zipper(!!), so that was a challenge (especially because I was using the old waistband) but it worked for the most part :) Because the waistband was already kinda funky, I just used some Velcro for the top instead of going out and buying a hook-and-eye clasp.


They bunch out a lot around the pockets which is really annoying — but I may give the pattern another chance and go a size up and go longer… see how that works out… but overall, not too unhappy about my first pair of shorts.


And of course my little helper (standing on the pants before I started cutting… he always has to be the center of my attention):



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