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Donation Dog Vests

So… funny story that led to these vests – when we moved into the new place and Danny got a desk, I was gone at training for a few weeks and he stole my desk chair. At some point shortly after I got back, he broke the chair (ok, so it’s funny overall… not funny for my poor desk chair). So, we went out and bought both of us new matching desk chairs. Then one day shortly after that he broke that one too! It’s ok to laugh (a little)… I did (a lot). lol… So anyway, the second chair had this mesh fabric for the chair back. Before we tossed it in the trash, I cut the fabric off with this project in mind.

Finally,  this weekend I got around to trying a couple of different versions. (SP28)

Version 1: One pocket with elastic.



I had some ribbon in a box of random scraps that I used to cover the outer edge of the pocket, but I wasn’t a huge fan of how this one turned out. The elastic was okay, but not super secure; if the pup moves around much I worry the $$ might fall out (and we don’t want that in Wyoming… it would blow away in a second in the wind around this place!). :)

Version 2: Two pockets with Velcro closure



I’m pretty sure this one is the winner. The pockets aren’t super fancy, but I like how they turned out. Maybe one day I’ll look up how you’re supposed to make pockets. It seemed to work fine. I just patched together three strips of fabric, pressed the edges under, and sewed them to each side.

The vest itself I made the same way I made the rest last year. Crazy… when did that become last year?! Ugh. The time! I can’t keep up! The only thing I changed was to use straps with Velcro for the belly strap. For these I got lazy and stole from my leftover costume belts from our Seven Dwarf costumes… but I’m thinking it will be plenty easy to make straps the same way I made the belts – they are much easier to get on this way, instead of wrangling the puppy through the elastic straps. But.. both ways fit just fine. They aren’t traditional BDAR colors, but they’ll have to do. :)

Happy Hump Day!

And here are my little models hard at work:




Update (Dec14): Find the printable adopt me vest pattern HERE. Thanks!


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