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Casual Friday: Union St. Tee

Do you have casual Fridays? I don’t, but here’s a little piece of casual sewing on Friday anyway! :)

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

As you can probably tell, these photos were taken on the same day as my bird top. Gotta take advantage of the time and the weather when I have it :)

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

(don’t mind the pups… poor Finny doesn’t get to win very often)

Fabric: This was another knit from my knit fix way back when :) It’s a really soft, lightweight knit. It was fun to work with, although super slippery and kind of a pain to keep a hold of when I was sewing the neckline.

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

Pattern: Hey June Union St. Tee. I’m pretty sure the sentiment about this pattern is consistent across the blogsphere – it’s a wonderful pattern! It’s a simple top, but the directions are great. It was my first time with a v-neck, and it turned out a lot easier than I was imagining. The fabric didn’t have a lot of stretch, so I sized up to the medium and I think it worked out perfect for this one. If I had a stretchier material, I may have gone down to the small – which I think I’ll try next time. I got this pattern at the same time as the Sloan Leggings pattern I used for my puppy leggings and I have to say I’m very impressed with her patterns :) Lots of size, printing, and customization options! On that note, I already have fabric picked out for a Union St. Tee Dress :)

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

I used my serger for most of it and top-stitched with my double needle. It worked out well but what I want to know is how do you choose what width is best when using a double needle? I assume it depends on the fabric you’re using? Hmm… something else to investigate… :)

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

Overall, I’m very happy with how it turned out. It made it’s debut wear at Disneyland last weekend! We went for the West Coast Pharmacy Exchange conference, but stayed for the rides ;)

Union St. Tee | Life by Ky Blog

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