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New Traditions

LOL… writing that title for some reason made me think of New Directions and how super behind I am on Glee… bummer… :/ Also very far behind on Once Upon A Time. That’s what I get for trying to watch shows on TV… guess I will just have to wait for them to come out on Netflix/DVD!

Christmas was weird… it was my first Christmas away from home. And with that, away from all of my family. So many new traditions are beginning, especially after the passing of my grandma (no more ‘everyone go to Grandma’s house on Christmas Eve’, etc) and I’m not sure how to process it. Plus, the new generation is coming – Eva and Scott have Jax now… and George and Shelly have a whole little clan :) It was a great Christmas, don’t get me wrong – Danny, Zoe and I had a relaxing day at home with lots of fun new things to play with – but it’s just different, and I’ve never been excited about change when it comes to changing traditions. I love family traditions! But I guess I can get on board with the creation of new traditions as long as they don’t change things too much! :) I guess all the fam back home met for a Christmas Eve Eve pot-luck and then did smaller things with their respective families for the rest of Christmas. We did Christmas Eve dinner and then a late brunch on Christmas Day. I tried to make my Mom’s coffee cake but the darn altitude killed it… yes, I’m blaming the altitude as I do with most things here ;)

Yesterday I gave our living room a face-lift with a side table and new pillows… feels much more like home now which is awesome, but I still need a few things for the walls. Or then again I may just wait until I move again and start fresh with the next place… :) We shall see…

Until next time… ~Ky

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