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Sunday Sew Love: 19 October


(top) beautiful objects Leopard Clutch | (right) Design by Lindsay Marabella Dress

(bottom/left) A Bouquet of Buttons Lady in a Blue Frock | (bottom/center) Tilly and the Buttons Red Button Delphine Skirt

Oh my goodness I really need to make a foldover clutch. I keep seeing them everywhere and they are so adorable! Also came across the Perfect Pattern Parcel #6 from Lindsay’s last post… check! purchased! :) I’ve been eyeing both the Hudson Pant and the Julia Cardigan for a while, so this is the perfect opportunity! Also learned that Love at First Stitch is now available to order in the U.S. I will definitely be purchasing as soon as we’re in the new house… and/or putting it on my Christmas list :) we’ll see…

Only 2 more weeks in Wyoming! Said goodbye to our stuff this week! See you on the flipside, boxes! :)




The above picture plus an air mattress is the extent of our furniture right now :/ Finn was very  upset about the whole situation… but as you can see Zoe doesn’t seem too concerned… as long as she has a little sunshine, she’s a happy camper!

Until next time,



  1. Kyla, thanks for featuring my leopard clutch! You should definitely make one – but it might make you want to make dozens. Good luck on your move!


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