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Sometimes I shouldn’t be allowed to help with things…

So Danny has been going around the house fixing all of our blinds. They were reminiscent of this (or this or this). lol The’re the basic white blinds you can get at any home store for cheap… so yes, nothing crazy to replace, but he decided to go ahead and fix them since the renters hadn’t shortened any of them to fit the windows so they had plenty of extra rails (I feel like I’m not explaining this very well… this is what I’m talking about) lol so anyway… the other day, he fixed one of the ones in the bedroom and then the pups ran in there and messed up what he’d just fixed and he got frustrated. That’s how they all got messed up in the first place — pups love to look out windows :/ So after he fixed the nice big window downstairs, I was like “you should really pull up the shade so they can’t mess it up after you put in all that time to fix it.”

Here I was… trying to help… I went on over there with confidence… tried to pull up the shade and broke the darn thing! hahahah Okay, I know it shouldn’t be funny. But I can’t help it. It still makes me laugh. I’m not sure if Danny laughed at all… can’t remember… I was laughing too hard. Let’s just say this one’s definitely not fixable :/


hehe. What can ya do!? Maybe I’m just too strong. Or maybe (probably more likely) the blinds aren’t strong enough!

Until next time,


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