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Colors Quiet Book

OK… I’m fairly confident that the person I’m making this for doesn’t even know I have this blog. So I think I’m pretty safe posting it. We’ll hope for the best… :) And if not… oh well… SURPRISE! :)

So here’s my first attempt at making a quiet book. I’m sure there will be more of these in my future… they are so adorable and there’s a whole world of options of things to make — AND, it gives me a good reason to use my Cricut to cut fabric. :) It’s like the perfect mixture of scrapbooking and quilting.

Here’s what I started with. I made a huge mess and went through all of my fabric, ribbon, buttons, etc. to sort everything into colors. From there I decided what I wanted to use for each page to get a good mixture of colors and textures.


I cut a small rectangle of grey fleece for the base of each page and started laying things out from there…

In order to not overwhelm myself with posting… I’m planning to post one page each week until the book is complete. I will add a link for each page as I go:



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