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Two Years

So apparently it’s been two years since I registered for WordPress. Happy Anniversary to my blog! In June it will be 10 years overall (including my time on Xanga). Crazy. Thanks to anyone who still checks in on me from time to time!

Oh, and completely off-topic… today I signed up for our wing’s new program – the Mighty Ninety Safe Ride! In the past, they had a contract with one of the local cab companies that provided rides for people who maybe had a drink or so too many or maybe ended up in a bad situation; but with the unreliability of the cab company (and it was costing a lot for not getting much out of it), our new wing commander started this program. I’m interested to see how it turns out. Or how much people will use it. Hopefully they do. I started out signing up for a Saturday night and two weeknights in February as a driver… I’ll see how those go first and then sign up for more from there :) Of course I’ll be dragging Danny along as my co-pilot. I like to think I’m pretty good at dealing with drunk people, but you never want to put yourself in a potentially bad situation. So I’m going to stock my car with water (and maybe a few plastic bags…) and we’ll see how it goes. I think it’s an awesome program. And if the whole program can prevent even one DUI or sexual assault by providing a way home for someone in a bad situation… then I say it’s a huge success!

And our wing commander and her family just adopted one of the BDAR pups (awww moment of the day) :)

Lastly… Pure Barre – just as wonderful as I expected it to be. Some of it is too advanced for my muscles, but maybe one day I will get there. I have to admit she makes me a little angry when she says, “now go into your splits stretch” and all the girls in the video go easily down into the splits. I’m pretty sure splits are for kids. But hey… maybe next year at this time I’ll be singing a different tune (or maybe that’s just me in my dream world’s dream world). :/

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