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PiYo Week 1 Recap

So remember last week how I made myself a nice pretty schedule in hopes that my DVDs would show up Saturday!? Well of course they did show up, but too late in the day to do anything. So, because I’d already finished my run for the day, I kept that one on the calendar, but adjusted the days and the rest of the run schedule.


I wanted to keep my long runs on Saturdays, so I have time to recover on Sundays. But, in the midst of adjusting the run days, I came across this article that talks about only training 3 days per week for a half. Again considering the last two half marathons I completed I hadn’t trained at all, I decided this 3-days per week plan may be a little smarter. Plus I admit freely… even though I love running, it’s probably been well over a year since I’ve run regularly. With this plan, they recommend one long run, one tempo run, and one speedwork run per week, plus cross training. Completely agree with the article too that only running 3 days per week should reduce the risk of overtraining and burnout… two problems I’ve definitely had in the past. And no need to worry about the cross training… PiYo will take care of that just fine :)

PiYo has been awesome so far. One of the workouts was messed up on the DVD (the Define: Upper Body) but everything else worked. So I called to get a new disc sent, and traded the Sweat workout for the Upper Body. I even got Danny to do a couple of the workouts with me! Also had squadron PT this week – three half-mile chain runs interspersed with push-ups, T25 squats and jackknife exercises (can you say jackknives?). Good times!

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  1. My husband runs lots of both full and half marathons and he’s done much better after limiting his longer runs but doing a lot more strength and speed training. Good luck!

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  2. Jacob says

    Thank you for this! While I’m not training for a half just yet, I am training to run 5 miles, and I am not a runner.

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