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30 before 30

 30BEFORE30 IMAGE by ky

These lists are everywhere! I love reading them! And if you know me at all… you know I also LOVE making lists. I love the accomplished feeling of crossing something off a list. So considering I’m on the road to 30… I had to jump on the bandwagon and make my own 30 before 30 list before it’s too late. :) I tried to avoid the abstract ones like ‘see the world’ and ‘become a better person’ but instead tried to find things that I may actually be able to accomplish… :) If nothing else, I know I’ll have fun along the way. Hop over to my 30 before 30 page to follow my progress over the next 11 1/2 months… and let me know if you’d like to join me in any of these endeavors!

1  |  Grow something edible.

2  |  Learn to cold brew coffee.

3  |  Visit a new state.

4  |  Learn how to play chess.

5  |  Take a class.

6  |  Create a PDF sewing pattern.

7  |  Improve my half marathon time.

8  |  Ride my bike to work.

9  |  Get a photo book printed.

10  |  Stick to a skin care regimen.

11  |  Finish a quilt.

12  |  Create a relaxing outdoor space.

13  |  Go on a biking brewery tour.

14  |  Visit a craft fair.

15  |  Meet with a financial advisor.

16  |  Create a piece of art for the wall.

17  |  Donate blood.

18  |  Watch a new-to-me classic movie.

19  |  Update my passport.

20  |  Make bread from scratch.

21  |  Stop biting my nails.

22  |  Build something.

23  |  Start a new family tradition.

24  |  Visit the Ellen Show.

25  |  Finish an entire Beachbody program.

26  |  Get a proper grown-up desk.

27  |  Go on a romantic overnight trip.

28  |  Organize my Italy photos.

29  |  Go SUPing.

30  |  Plan a big adventure.

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